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Hi and Welcome! Normally I am just an artist that draws alot of NSFW art on FA or Inkbunny, but I have a ton ideas that I can't always draw out so I figured I would write stories for them instead!

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I love your story excellent work i can’t wait for your next story’s that you will make

Um, pretty sure that final Limestone was supposed to be Marble

Derpibooru art:
https://derpibooru.org /tags/comic-colon-a+great+many+pies

I loved "editing" this story. It was a great collaboration with plenty of fun and sexy scenes.

Holy shit, your art rules, I remember your after dark booth at TrotCon '19.

Shit has officially gotten real if you writing clopfics now lmaooooo

Pinkie Pie shrugged. “Okie doke, see you later.” Watching her other family members leave, Pinkie Pie pondered what the weird glares they were trading meant, only to shrug once more. “They must have been really disappointed they couldn't go next, maybe we should build a second bathroom or something.

“Well I…” The older mare paused, looked into her daughter’s eyes and shrugged. “Aww what the hell, lets do it.”


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