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We grow 'em big!

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Practice. And will read later.

From what I read, she was aroused too...but he didn't make her cum? He must be pretty lousy then...:twilightoops:

This story was hot. You get a favorite.

6260606 God I'm horrible, alrighty then.

I think it'd be neat if Anon didn't announce how he felt as if he were in a manga, and I would've liked it if Gilda came too. All that build up of describing how juicy her cunt is just for it to focus on Anon's pleasure :T

Very nice work, regardless.

making her tail snake it way to Anon’s pants

its way

6260878 She did if you look
She began to squirt from her pussy, causing her anus to repeatedly constrict around Anon’s shaft

6264691 Wow...how did I miss that? My bad!

6264976 it happens some time with a god story lol

There isn't enough non-dark Gilda porn. There's some grimdark but grimdark porn kills my boners. Good on you sir and/or madam! GG!

I would like a sequel to this, with some more femdom, not bondage though :twilightsheepish:

Woooaah... Outstanding!!! Shame only the one chapter.

Nice story, but I found you used commas way too often and I found a minor typo.

WIthout needing to be told, Anon pushed his waist further up, against Gilda’s soft bubble butt.

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