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We grow 'em big!

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Well first time I've come across Flutterbat clop.

6216789 Really? I thought there'd be tons.

You should do a sequel where Anon learns flutterbat's secret identity and gets fucked by flutterbat and werelight shine,twilight's wendigo form (from tumbler).

6216831 There are. Just a first for everyone is all.

I think it was a bit too short. But I like Flutterbat clop because its unique and the picture is pretty good. So it get a thumbs up.

Hmmm...can't bring myself to fave it.

6216831 Well honestly I've never actually checked but still.

I'm pretty pumped to see you writing again. When updates pop up I get excited to see what you've cooked up.

Now this was a surprise. I'm honored you liked that Flutterbat pic enough to use it as inspiration. Thank you so much! ^-^

And about that bio quote of yours: Let's grow them even bigger~ <3

6218780 I hope you never stop drawing those lovely proportions! I need all the inspiration I can get!


That is my only question.

6223233 How did the sudden ding-dong come to be?

Well, it would seem poor Anon will have his heart broken? Since 'Flutterbat' broke her and assaulted her silly to get her first, he may perhaps resolve himself to leave and be alone in his grief for only another to get to him before either or both do?

The chapter was nice. Nice to see you having wrote another story.

Not really a fan of Futa, but whatever...

Yeah, how did the sudden dong appear, what of poor anon and arnt they cuddling in the FREAKEN EVERFREE FOREST?

The bluntness of first FB statement is just ridiculous.

yo where did the dong come from??

6224736 THAT is why you have realities in yur name, :raritywink:

That was qwesome beyond awesome read.

That was a awesome read,I hope they have a three way next and soon?.

So…what about Anon? Does he get back into things or are you just going to leave that up to our imaginations

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