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We grow 'em big!

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(Big Booty Bitches)

2358875 His art style really resembles joey dark meat. Guess he got a 'lil inspiration. Not that I'm complaining! :rainbowlaugh:

“We demand thou remove thy cloths upon your body!”



Comment posted by Shadymist deleted Apr 1st, 2013

You need to work on your punctuation, mayte. And Luna's Ye Olde speech has a few errors. Beyond that nothing was really glaringly awful about this. Work on it, and you'll be writing some fantastic stuff.

2358957 Yeah, was a bit iffy with the speech stuff, and grammar remains my natural enemy!


What picture is this based on. I hope it's the one I saw about her sitting on a pony's face. Not going to read now, maybe later.

Human in Equestria fic. May honor fill you before Poultron bans you. Anyways, hot... hot... hot...

2359038 See, most the issues this has are things a proofreader can help you with. I reccomend searching out for one :3

2359160 I have one that I'm sure will turn up eventually! Hehe!

2359141 everything was a joke

I just thought of another title: 40 ounce bounce. I think I heard it somewhere, but it fits so well.

Gross it's all vaginal and shit!

..Though I guess it's not..too bad, for a female...

Uuuugh Dat Imagery! Top-tier fucking clop. :pinkiehappy:

A clop fic focused on the ass....
What kind of author thinks of a dumb idea like that

... Dat image. Story, welcome to my read-later list.

Ya know, you could continue this with more chapters as Celestia probably wants him aswell at a certain moment. Or perhaps let Celestia walk in when he and Luna are busy with milking.

I like the story concept, and I love the disclaimer that you'll delete any comments raging at you because porn in the feature box is the worst thing ever on the planet ever! but ehhh, the prose. It's just... ehh. There's slovenliness of word choice and sentence structure, and that's killing what could be a wonderful clopfic.

Now I really want to worship Luna's flank. :heart:

2360303 You'll never get a M/M outta me! :rainbowlaugh:

2362318 I considered this actually! Maybe Celestia will have her turn!

2362385 You got it wrong, I need constructive criticism. It's just people who know they don't like something yet rag on about it here when they could simply ignore it!


You misunderstand me, I think it's great that you'll just delete any comments whining about this story because it's porn. I had a clopfic featured a few days ago, and two people were super mad that there was PORN in the feature box and raged on for about 20 comments before I got tired of the big fat argument and deleted them.

If you'd like a detailed critique of your prose in this story, I'd be happy to provide one. Just say the word and I will.

I read this just because of dat cover image. I made the right choice.

Also, if Luna patents that dick-growing spell, she'll become rich beyond her wildest dreams.

Orangey my good man, you never disappoint.

But... Please sir, may I have some Derpy?

A totally random 2nd person past tense clopfic based on a totally hot picture! Starring YOU!

Apparently, that gets you into the Feature Box faster than you can say, "Beating the dead horse."

2362228 Oh for fucks sake, dude, at least put some effort into your trolling!
Now, onto a more relevant topic...

2362788 Ah whatever, it makes for damn good riffing material.

Oh dammit, fine. I don't normally read fics with humans, but you have intrigued me.

Best experiment ever.:pinkiehappy:

2362788 I guess I'm just that loved!

*sees Luna's ass.*
:derpytongue2: Hawt damn, I love his.

sbjdkb fdfl hsf huilr FUCK LIFE!

Nothing against you foxy. I like you for some reason.

2363083 I guess this also isn't your thing :/

and whatever reason may that be?


2363088 Oh, well I'm more disapointed in fimfition really. I mean, I used to shrug when I saw second person clop, then it happened again, and again... and again... and some more.

I'm going to get countless hate from this comment because I'm notorius for bitching about this stuff.

But anyways, you're awesome, this story is not my wiafu, and the fimfiction userbase are a bunch of pervs.

2363100 I come from a pony thread full of pervs. The whole internet is full of pervs! And thanks! You don't deserve that hate, you're a neat guy yourself, but I suppose there'll always be something somebody doesn't like, and has a go at you for it!

2363100 ...I think someone deserves a watch.
Also, Spitfire is sexiest pony.

i remember this pic from somewhere in DA, it had a frame of celestia demanding workship for her sunnybutt too.

Chaotic is pleased with your work of fiction!
We are looking forward to more stories like this!

Comment posted by Bendy deleted Apr 2nd, 2013

“Since you strangely desire to worship our behind. Show your Princess adoration for our Royal derriere!”

What I wouldn't give to hear that! :eeyup: There's something that just damn sexy about experiencing hard, sweaty intimacy of this kind with a lady who speaks in bold, archaic phrases. Seems you've discovered a new fetish ... then again, it's more likely you brought one to light that already existed. It's also sad to think that some people believe being thin is the only way to be attractive.

Next, Luna conducts the same experiment with a young dragon.

2363100 ur a perv faget

2363191 Trixie would be furious that you spelled her name wrong. Furious in the sexiest way possible.

"The fimfiction userbase are a bunch of pervs."
And you only just realised this now? :raritywink:

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