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Holy wall of text! Make paragraphs, bro.


Yeah, he's right. But besides that it was a good read.

One of the few clopfics which I enjoyed.

Seems fine to me.


I think what you mean is "please put a space between the paragraphs", as traditionally, indents mean the start of a new paragraph.

Also, submitting this to the second person group.

I enjoyed this. Very well written and interesting.

um, sorry about not double spacing?
i personally hate that as a formatting choice, i think it takes up uneccesary space and fragments the writing
frankly, it's a pretty lame complaint to have about a story in my mind
but, i guess if you're used to it, it could be weird
still a bit rude to say it's a 'wall of text', the paragraphs are clearly indented...

468883 him...doing that....:pinkiecrazy:

oh and the fic is good

Show of hands, when Scratch's nose was bleeding, who thought, "Damn, I'm really fucking her brains out."

Awesome and a continuity from the other story gets you some sweet bonus points!

LOL so this is a quasi-sequel to May The Best Butt Win?

well, not a sequel
but there is some minor continuity

469179 That's what I meant
Very good story, very hot :ajsmug:

This is so perfect omg :moustache:

i almost got turned off at the blood.... almost....
i gotta check my list of fetishes again as well

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hematolagnia.

read this literally three minutes after it came out. them my computer immedietly crashed.

you recieve both a "thank you" for writing th' story and a "fuck you" for making my computer crash.


471732 i fight your molestia with these small armie of trollestias... :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia: let see who shall win....

*Turns to first in command

"Take her down!"

"Roger that"


"Target eliminated."

*Sheds tear.

"I'll see to it that you are promoted. Dismissed."


*bullet hits me in the shoulder knocking me down.

"Shit, sniper! Covering fire and retreat!"

"Wilco sir!"


*Falls back to radio and presses the receiver

"Artillery, fire, fire, fire!"


"Ain't no way their surviving that..."

Fire support hold them suppressed!


Holy shit get to cover (calls in airstrikes)

(Blue 1 this is Rainbow two bringing the pain)


They will not be back soon.

what a lovely story!:rainbowkiss:


472486>>472471 you forgot me BITCHES!!!!:flutterrage: *in nuke bunker with a crazy look in eye* call in...H.A.R.M.O.N.Y... *a laser cannon in space activates and fires* (yes i just up this a knotch from guns to orbital strikes)

Way too late!



"We shall take the fight to them, the cowards."


*Meaningfully stares out the window

"We might not meet today, but soon you will pay for your crimes against humanity."


472601*thank god for the bunker* I propose a alliance... I am offering this becuase of one thing... I WAS GOING TO USE THE O.F.C BUT HE BEAT ME TO IT AND FOR THAT HE SHALE PAY!!!:flutterrage: (I am not talking to you in person I am talking to you through a pre-recorded message)

You dare raise against the very being who made you?
Fine so be it, now humanity shall learn its folly was to oppose Celestia.

"Rallies the troops in ceremonial armor"

Their end is nigh!


*Starts up radio and adjusts frequency.

"If you can hear me, gather survivors and start up the war factories. We will need troops. A LOT of troops. Send the first batch to these coordinates."

*Sends you complex codes


472657 I can not supplie troops but I can supplie the tech (how do you think I had access to H.A.R.M.O.N.Y in the first place...) also i have a few tricks and surprises up my sleeves... :trollestia: now let's just hope we can get people on OUR side... *opens portal to equestria* we take the fight to THEIR WORLD!!!

Given in to our glorious Empire and join us together our races shall crush all opposition and bring eternal peace to the universe!


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