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A Dramatic Reading!? · 10:05pm Apr 28th, 2016

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on to let you know that there is now apparently a dramatic reading of Twilight Sparkle Accidentally Buys a Clopbot over on Youtube read by Winged T. Spears. Uh, yeah, that's a thing that exists now. I don't know if anyone else was aware of it, but I just found out today while I was playing around on Google, and thought it would be fun to see what might come up if I typed in Clopbot. Honestly, I think it's kinda cool. I took a listen to it, and he actually does a

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Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue it. It isn’t that I don’t want the story to continue, I’ve just lost the drive. I’d already planned on a couple of sequels, but after writing a couple of pages, I just couldn’t see a clear path forward. Also, real life has gotten in the way, and I find myself busy with other things. So, no, as of right now, it looks like there won’t be a sequel.

Hi! So, I’m wondering if that sequel is still in the works?

2416338 I'm hoping to. I haven't done much recently because I've been busy with other writing projects, but those obligations are now behind me, so I should be able to focus on it more now.

You're... uh... you're still doing a sequel to "Twilight Sparkle Accidentally Buys a Clopbot," right? It's cool, if your not, but I would really like to know...

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