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AKA Gale Crowley. I write porn. I used to write Equestria Girls porn, but not anymore, so if you're interested, you can hop over to Archive of Our Own to see what I'm up to nowadays.

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Why is there a non-con tag?

I like this. Tempest is my fave.

This could go places

I think I just found myself a new fetish.


I felt it prudent to be judicious with that tag given that Twilight is slightly coerced by magic and I've had a few times where I didn't put that tag on there when I really should have.

Hot, damn! That's one fine punishment the Sisters came up with. :D

“But we do believe in cruel, harsh torments,” Celestia said.

Either a "not" is missing, or that should have been something that Tempest worried about.

I liked it. Any chances for story with non-con butt & hips expansion?

Fixed, thank you. There was indeed a knot missing.

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