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A fan of well-written stories, as well as sometimes, the fetishistically strange and unusual. Got a few ideas I plan to plop down on FimFiction.

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Chapter 8 has now been posted · 1:24am February 22nd

This took awhile to figure out the tone of this chapter, but finally got it posted. Think it flows better than my last few attempts.

Hope maybe to get started on the next chapter soon.

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Just curious, but would you take a request?


Thanks for the comment. Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you.

Bonjour, comment allez-vous. How are you?

Of course you should, I know it sounds horrendously cliche, but you're not going to get better if you don't keep trying. Honestly the thing I'd put down most of the dislike of the image to was the face's, something about them just seemed kind of off to me, like they weren't quite pony enough I suppose. Try looking up some stuff on how to draw more pony-like faces, and that would probably improve reception to it.

I hope that helps a bit, as I reckon you've got quite a bit of talent with it, but just need to work in a couple area's to have it really shine.

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