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I'm a grown man that reads stories about colorful little magic horses. I also draw things sometimes, so there's that.

Intro Thing

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what you're doing here, as I'm probably never going to post that many stories of my own, but feel free to say hi anyway! I play a lot of Destiny (Xbox One) and Halo 5 at the moment, so if you want to play sometime go ahead and PM me. In the meantime, here's some info about myself:

Birthday: September 19, 1998
Gender (if that matters): Male
Orientation (if that also matters): Heterosexual
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Favorite Art Media: 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil/Eraser, Micron Ink Pens
Hobbies: Reading (not so good at writing), Drawing, Video Games, Pones, Airsoft (in no particular order)
OC: Chrome Shield (Unicorn; Male)
Favorite Pones: I'm torn between Rarity and Octavia
Favorite Games: Destiny 2, Halo 1-4, Mass Effect 1-3, Titanfall 2, Doki Doki Literature Club (I sometimes stream my games >here<)

My DeviantArt: Here!


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No prob, you write really good stories ^^

Thanks for the follow!

I appreciate what you write, you deserve it ^^

I appreciate the follow. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I look forward to seeing what you make next!

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