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A fan of well-written stories, as well as sometimes, the fetishistically strange and unusual. Got a few ideas I plan to plop down on FimFiction.


A meteor that lands out in the fields of Sweet Apple Acres, brings forth a slimy little creature, whom Applebloom quickly befriends.

However, what starts out as a cute little pet, soon grows into a big, big problem for Applebloom, her family, and soon...Ponyville!

*Story contains Goo/Slime, Growth, Expansion, Destruction, and Emotion*

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Oh dear. The implications of what the sisters are saying...

Before I read this, what is the Horror tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

It would have been cool if Applebloom kept her sanity and was able to experiment with her flexible body in an intelligent way.

Great Story

Well could be worse .. could have been a grey. Lob meant for cleaning eating the entire galaxy. Forgot the game name

You should do more with this idea, or expand upon it

I felt it ended on a proper cliffhanger.

In truth, the story was partially based on some images I had seen someone do of Trixie turning into a massive blob/goo-pony, the more she consumed. One of the last pics was her so huge, it looked like she was next going to devour Canterlot.

aNOUther universe to get a hand

Come on!:rainbowhuh: cliffhanger without sequel!?:twilightangry2:


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