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A fan of well-written stories, as well as sometimes, the fetishistically strange and unusual. Got a few ideas I plan to plop down on FimFiction.


Chapter 5 of Sophomoric Sweetie Belle is up! · 5:35pm July 11th

Thanks to a conversation a few days ago, I found the strength to hammer out another chapter!

It's a little similar to a previous chapter, but it is going to prove to Sweetie Belle, that she may need to be more careful of her condition than she has been so far.


Chapter 4 of Sophomoric Sweetie Belle is up! · 2:28am May 27th

That went faster than I expected!

I figured it would probably take me until this weekend to get to the finish line on Chapter 4, but a little focus last night led me down a path that got me to finish it much earlier than I expected.

This one is more of a character-driven piece, but explores some of Sweetie Belle's past, in fun and entertaining ways.


Chapter 3 of Sophomoric Sweetie Belle is up! · 4:35pm May 21st

This one flowed a little easier thanks to work on chapter 2.

Writing situational stories is often what helps me to feel like I’m on a roll, and that was definitely the case here. It also is probably the first chapter where I had to show some restraint on over-describing Sweetie Belle’s chest.


Chapter 2 of Sophomoric Sweetie Belle is up! · 10:29pm May 16th

Took a little longer than expected, but we catch up with Sweetie Belle some time after she's been on campus.


Surprised at the reception to Sophomoric Sweetie Belle; Chapter 2 on the way · 2:04pm May 4th

Ever since I wrote The Expansive Romance of Applebloom and Coral Leaf, I kept turning over a number of ways to maybe do another story after their happily-ever-after-epilogue...but after several tries, nothing was really sparking me to say, “I HAVE to do this!”*

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A new story regarding Apple Bloom and Coral Leaf is still coming · 4:16am Jun 17th, 2019

Trying to get a grasp on a new story has been very troubling. The concept I had in mind in January, then turned into something else a few months later...and has now become a new idea for a second epilogue.

This second epilogue I feel, is the proper direction to move into. Right now, the concept is very loose, but I feel it can be another fun little story focusing on our huge couple after some time has passed.

The current hope is to keep it at least 4,000 words long.


Applebloom and Coral Leaf will return in an upcoming, multi-chapter story! · 12:24am Jan 22nd, 2019

Well, it's officially begun!

Tonight on the bus, I typed the first words on my iWriter app, signaling the the first baby steps to a new story featuring our favorite hyper-couple! It was incredibly enjoyable to write about the characters based on AppleorPie's commissions of artwork featuring the hugely-endowed couple, but my plans were to not continue their adventures unless I felt there was a strong-enough story, let alone that AoP like what I had in mind.

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Chapter 2 of Stretchy Belle is released! · 7:51am Sep 6th, 2018

Well, this took a little longer than expected (got side-tracked writing a few other fanfics!), but hope that this chapter is still brief-but-entertaining.

I'm working to keep these chapters hovering around the 3000-word mark, and while I went a little over, I think it works (for me, anyways).

Anyways, I should get back to work on the next chapter. Hope it flows a bit smoother.


My newest story, Strechy Belle, begins. · 6:08pm Aug 19th, 2018

After finishing up The Expansive Romance of Applebloom and Coral Leaf, I struggled to find some strange-and-unusual stories to write about.

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Roughing out a new story · 1:17pm Jun 29th, 2018

Not sure if anyone cares, but I think I finally cracked the nut regarding a story idea based on some art by AstroZone on FurAffinity.

Still roughing out the first chapter, but hope to have it ready in a few weeks.

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