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Love to write whatever comes to mind and enjoy Brony stuff.

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Don't quite think this needs the Mature tag.

True. It might've been warranted if Rarity's competitor had inserted some toys inside her nethers, or removed her horn so her head fit the shape of a mannequin, but since neither of those things happen...

Nevertheless, it was a pretty short and sweet fic, and I liked it.

Just a mistake I've noticed though (there might've been others, but this one was the most glaring IMHO):

“Don’t bother, I’ve taken every percussion.

I think you meant "precaution" here.

Otherwise, good job.

At one point I had considered making it more not safe for work, but I just didn’t feel in the mood for it. There was this one thick where rarities dress models came to life and made her into a manikin and used her skin as a dress. Although I can never find ith

It's one of my favorite stories that never got completed, it's Twilight's Treehouse of Terror.

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