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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)

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Ohhh, hawt.. just, so damn hot.

Cadance had to have told Twilight what was going on, she was being way to spot on, aggressive, and knowing just what buttons to push for that not to be the case.

But still... damn this was freaking hot and it's just starting.

Thanks for writing this, it's fantastic. Also thanks to DbzOrDie for commissioning this and the half a dozen similar art pieces.

Well, there is only one more chapter, but at least it’s a long one.
(And it will be published tomorrow.)

Heh, yeah. And oddly enough, my next commission involves Shining Armor being on the receiving end yet again. Poor guy just can’t catch a break.

Loving this so far. Wonderfully sexy.
itch successfully scratched.

I'm a fan of R63 Shining Armor, a fan of Twilight and Shining/Gleaming clop, and I'm liking Gleaming's sluttification.

And this is why they hate us. Thank you dirty little secret ........

R63 Shining Armor/Cadance


Commissioned by DBZOrDie


With Twilight


Dubcon/rapey overtones

God Fucking Dammit.

Damn you, DLS. Damn you for making my brain and my penis fight.

Deliciously kinky and well written. Your commissioner seems to share many of my tastes.
Bravo good author my hats off to you.


Damn you, DLS. Damn you for making my brain and my penis fight.

That’s okay. I know which one always wins. ^.^

Yeah ... I’ve got to admit, TwiShining is bestcest.

I’m surprised how many people like this... I’m actually not a fan of Gleaming Shield at all, myself.

Well, for not being a fan of Gleaming Shield I think you did a great job with her.

I just really wish that a smaller fourth chapter would be made, like I loved the first two but the last one just bothers me emotion wise you know, I just really wish there was an actual aftercare seen instead of just forcing Gleaming to be silent when voicing concerns.

Heh, yeah ... but 20k words already -- I’ve got to move on!

This story made me feel both aroused and profoundly nice. thank you for writing it.

Sorry I forget NPC's have a limited response.

No problem. ^.^

For customized responses, please sign up to be a Patreon sponsor. :twilightsmile:

Um ... okay. Have fun not reading this story. :twilightsmile:

Why the incest? This looked good until that. Shame.

Because Sparklecest is amazing. ^.^

I’m surprised so many people are vocal against it here ... but maybe that’s because this story also includes other fetishes, and people who come for the other fetishes might not like incest.

Well written and wonderfully perverted.

I'm not normally a fan of futa (I never understood the facination, though I have nothing against others having it), but I still gave the story an upvote (first time for a futa-story for me), and I will look forward to more of this story should you decide to expand it.

That was a fantastic story! For someone who isn't a fan of Gleaming Shield, you did a magnificent story with her. Bravo!!!:heart:

Heh, yeah, a *lot* of my stories involve futa... Which, oddly enough, is something I’d never really mess around with outside of MLP, but within MLP I never get too far away from it. Maybe because of all the strong female characters? I dunno.

I try. ^.^ And also DBZ deserves some credit for developing a lot of the story idea and helping fine-tune the story.

I came here for R63 Shining. I just cant deal with incest I have a sister and the idea of doing anything like that with her is disturbing. I just dont see the appeal personally.

>no pregnancy listed in the kinks
So close to perfection

To be fair, it does play with pregnancy, but since it doesn’t explicitly say she’s pregnant, I left that off the list of kinks.

a perfect Jule a grate story.

the ending twilight cadence and shining, yep this is going to be happening a hole bunch.

Must admit I love your clopfics. I have read all your fics and this one is top 3. Cant decide between 'changling style' and 'mentorship'. I guess I have fetish on seeing world from girls pov. The sad part is, I have big futa fetish, something I can imagine here, but not in other clopfics of yours.

Damn good story overall.
You had a few other mistakes I think, but this is the only one I remembered to copy lol

and ever motion backward


Heh, fixed! ^.^

Oh, lots of my fics revolve around futa...

Then I'll just headcanon the mission was a success. And hope that one day there might be a sequel with her and a baby bump

And so was Flurry conceived. I wonder if they used illusions to make Gleaming look like Shinning? Did Twilight find a unincestuous girlfriend? Did they try to shove both of them in her pussy at the same time? Did Gleaming break from pleasure from the last one?

Yes, she did :trollestia:

On an unrelated matter, did you use to have a story called "The Prince" or something like that what was about Celestia being actually a stallion (but no one knew it) and dating an Irish lass? The story image was your profile picture, if I'm not mistaken. It seems to have disappeared, if yours did you delete it? Or am I remembering wrong? :rainbowhuh:

That definitely wasn’t one of my stories ... and I never delete stories.

If it's not in this page, I don't know if it can be found. Maybe I just did a bad search though


The story that you're thinking of is 'The "Princess" ' by MadMaxtheBlack. Here's a link to it. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/265744/the-princess

Thank you :twilightsmile:
Still want an epilogue, though :trollestia:

I was excited the instant I saw this story show up on my feed. I bookmarked it and set it aside for an evening when I could... appreciate it properly.
Read through chapter 1.
Get to chapter 2. Just the right amount of hesitant angst. Assertive Twilight is best Twilight. Was a little disappointed that it was just a strap on. But I guess that gender spell is rare and high-level.
Chapter 3. The 'search for Gleaming' bit was aces! Cadance is such a troll.
> commence threeway

"I think I have a spell that will fit this situation very nicely."

> *readiness of body intensifies*
> threat of pregnancy
> Twilight's cock not finishing inside Gleaming's pussy

Was Cadance just doing this to make sure any pregnancy would be hers?

y u do dis to me? :raritydespair:

“Cadance might get this one, but I'm giving you your next baby"

AAAAAAAAAAAND BOOM goes the dynamite!


The 'search for Gleaming' bit was aces! Cadance is such a troll.

Heh ... the first draft played that up even more. Sadly, I was asked to tone it down.

AAAAAAAAAAAND BOOM goes the dynamite!

I am going to refrain from inquiring about the exact meaning of this phrase.

I'll read the last chapter in a bit, but right now I think it's Cadence pretending to be Twilight:ajsmug:...maybe:applejackunsure:

I just want to say I feel like the dominance got pushed a bit too far at the end there, and it might've been good to get a little more dialogue from Twilight on how she felt before she got sex-crazy, but other than that this was amazing!:heart::rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

Also, I was wrong...and I am very glad I was!:twilightsmile:


Also, I was wrong...and I am very glad I was!

^.^ This is really high praise, because it’s a hard thing to pull off.

:flutterrage:NEEDS A SEQUEL!!!! (if you don't mind. :yay:)

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