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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)

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Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that she’s not actually corrupted, and just doing this to let her relatives ‘cut loose’?

Heh, now why didn't I think of doing that?

Makeup. Washable dye.

Ehhh i would have rather her first in this story have been with the main 6.

This is interesting. Upvote

Well, yes, that is how you'd do it...

Well, there's always the opportunity out there to write such a story yourself ... or commission it! :raritywink:

Well, uh, glad I could catch your interest.
What did you find interesting about it?

"I have a simple question, will the standard of living for the average pony increase or decrease with your rise to power?"

The fact that I don't find super many good "corrupt" Cadance stories on this site, and I know you from previous amazing stories so I assume this is also of high quality

Has the Fandom ever settled on a name for nightmare Cadance? Looking forward to the rest btw.

Nightmarity for Life >:3

From what I've seen there's no consensus but Decadance might have a slight lead.

Define 'standard of living'...
Because if you define it as how often ponies get laid, then standard of living is going to go way up during Nightmare Cadance's reign.

lol, Nightmare Honeymoon?

But Nightmare Cadance for the weekend! ^.^

Ooh... That's a good name!

All nightmares should have a book club!
You need to be THIS edgy to join.

Celestia is left out :((
Sun can't be night...


Celestia is left out :((
Sun can't be night...

Daybreaker is not pleased with this...

The first name that came to my mind was Heart Break. But admittedly that may be too easy lol.

I like that not going to lie

That's a good one. How about this;
Cadence-> Princess of Love

Love Tap, the font of unending affection

I have seen some stories use "Heartbreaker" for Cadance's dark alter ego, and I think it's an appropriate name for her, although it might be a bit too similar to Celestia's Daybreaker.

"Heartseeker" is another one I remember seeing somewhere.

How about "Heartbleeder"?

Pfft. I was looking for a good Nightmare Cadance picture only yesterday. Nice.

That's ... quite a stretch.

Heartbreaker is pretty awesome.
Seems to fit more of an 'evil twin version' than a corrupted version.
Heartbreaker would be a princess who enjoys going around breaking up and destroying romantic relationships, rather than one who's overly obsessed with making everypony love everypony else.

Glad I could help, then! ^.^

so we just left a nightmare in the crystal empire...or would that be a blissful daydream?

I'd actually suggest to make new holiday - 24 hours of lust once or twice a year. There should be preparations for it - food, refreshments, logistics, etc.

Also lungeon sounds much more like lust+dungeon than love+dungeon.

Heh ... you really think just once or twice a year is enough to satisfy Cadance, let alone Nightmare Cadance?

Now, if we're talking about every weekend, then the negotiations might go somewhere...

I think about joy and anticipation, every weekend would soon exhaust its novelty and most of population would see another workday in it rather than something to celebrate.

Agreed. Something like that on every weekend would really wear off the novelty, maybe turning it into a case of ”aww sh*t, here we go again...”.

The Nightmare is the Nightmare, whatever the shell it wears.

Definitely an interesting premise and I will clop to this later

Just wanted to point out that evil Cadence really ought to be called Heart Breaker

I mean, it's kind of bad when ponies are too busy fucking to grow any food.
... and also too busy fucking to eat any food.

Heh, we've already been over that in this comment section!

Comment posted by Soaring Symphony deleted Nov 18th, 2020


Heh, we've already been over that in this comment section!

I don't want spoilers

Thanks! ^.^ What's your favorite part?

Sadly, though, none of those have fandom currency enough for people to know who they are if I'd chosen one of those for the title.

Trains are DEFINITELY powered by black magic

The story is very interesting, and I... would like to translate it into Russian, if it's possible.

Sure! Let me know when it's done so I can make links to it.

Okay, I'll send you in private the link when I'm done.

Extremely hot so far. It achieved its purpose as a clopfic. Twice. One thing did throw me, though. Actually, make that two.

Did being the Princess of Love imbibe even her pussy and asshole with special ability on par with her mouth?

I think you mean imbue. As far as I know, imbibe means to consume, particularly alcohol. Just let me double-check that real quick...Huh. According to Merriam-Webster, there is an archaic definition of soak or steep, so that does work.

This one, though...

Well, she wasn’t going to mange it by just lying here, was she? She had to at least make the attempt.

Mange is a disease that causes hair loss, among other things. Very unsexy. You mean manage. Then again, after that other word, let me double-check this one, too...No, I was correct, this time. Mange is only a disease.

Yeah, that second one is a typo -- should have been manage, but the second a got dropped. I'll fix it.

Really? That's a stretch to you? Because it seemed an obvious choice to me :) Love Tap is great.

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