• Published 29th Aug 2019
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Twilight has devised a new, low-energy cost spell that could replace teleportation: swapping! But she can only swap with other alicorns... hopefully that won't cause any complications or mishaps... what's the worst that could happen?

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Wow, great story, and the alternate endings just made it better. I loved all of them, it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

Rolled a five and got the best ending imo. The royal sisters endings are a nice little touch the celestia one is better one of the two also imo. The one is really nice and two is a hellova suggestive and hot. Still the 5 is the best my luck here is really good it seems.

I just finished reading the others endings (got a 3 kek) and I was curious for the others even if I expected the others Alicorns ... EXCEPT THAT I ALMOST SPIT OUT MY COFFEE WHEN I SAW THIS ONE :rainbowlaugh: I EXCPECTED A HAREM, OR CHRYSY OR FUCK EVEN DISCORD OR PIKIEPIEALICORN BUT NOT THIS ONE!
Fantastic story overall

Oh wow...

Having forgotten about Flurry Heart, I was wondering what Ending 5 was for...

And I was pleasantly surprised. Next to Twicest, sudden Shining-Flurry incest is... unexpectedly hot, though it's probably your way of writing Flurry's reaction.

This would be my second favorite ending, after Twicest.

1 is the best, but the dice decided my cannon is 5.

You're sick, perverted individual. Please, do go on :pinkiecrazy:

Lol, can't argue with the dice.

Ofc... nearest alicorn XD HA ... this is the kind of quality bs i love :)

It's just what we get for trusting the heart of the cards.

I was a little confused I thought you meant swapping Minds not Trading positions with each other.


There you are! I was wondering if you were gonna show up.

I was busy having a birthday.

You're finally here! I knew Twilight wouldn't destroy a library!!! :pinkiesmile:

this is canon? i approve

Well, it only took twenty six sided die, four thirteen sided custom made die, seven twenty sided die, and one one hundred sided die... now all the endings are my canon! THE MULTIVERSE IS AWESOME!

Lol, this is officially the only way I'll accept someone having more than one canon

Considering this is entirely Twilight's fault, for creating a useless spell that doesn't tell the user who she's swapping with or tell the recipient what's happening, I have a feeling the Crystal Empire will be going to war against Ponyville soon...

Her first crime: foalnapping the princess. Second crime: seducing the prince. Third crime: foalnapping the prince's daughter. Fourth crime: making the prince accidentally impregnate his own daughter. Major social faux pas: appearing indecently aroused wherever the daughter once was, potentially causing a riot.

Twilight's dead meat.

I was today years old when I learned that rolling a one means critical success.

Yes! It's authorized and official!

This was honestly one of the funniest mid-sex interactions I've read in a clopfic.

I rolled a two, but my favourite has to be number five! :pinkiecrazy:

This is your canon ending, but you can read the other ones too.


....my canon ending was Luna, I was just checking the other chapters.

I thought about this exact response actually.

Teach me your ways, Master!!!

I got three and I love my canon ending

When you can parse the insanity that lies within, then you shall be ready.

Or, in my terms: if it seems like the most ridiculous means to do it, do it that way after cranking it to eleven and ripping the knob off while making logic suffer a black knight flesh wound and singing pirate shanties the whole time you're doing it.

Totally missed the opportunity to add Chrysalis as a six.

So, essentially, be like Pinkie Pie?

This is a brilliant idea! Wish I'd thought of it...

Not to late to add it.

Im not gonna lie, I loved that story, every inch of it ^^
My favortie End is Number 1 and 5 :D but i rolled a 4 :D
But there is one thing, the whole accident part -which was hillarious- was focused on the sex and not on the incest :D

My favorite ending was five and it was really good. I do like the multiple endings thing hope to see more in the future.

okay so, i feel this should be thrown out there, but 1-5 feels weird, why not 6? like say our favorite buggo horse?

Really nice and fun! I'm enjoying these last few... "gamey" stories you're making, with this and Shining is a Goddamn Moron, playing a bit outside the box. Really good stuff! Only thing I'd have to point out is that it could use some proofreading ^^;
If you want I could PM you a list like I did last time ^^
I got Celestia, and I really enjoyed it, especially the first part. I like the idea of a sassy and naughty Celestia more than the mommy bit at the end, but still, really nice! ShiningLestia needs more representation.
Still, I gotta say my favorite was Luna's. LunArmor is one of my fav Shining ships after Cadence, Chryssie and either Twilight, XD, and the idea of dreamsex is really nice and could make for great rendezvous~

It's Oxytocin, not Oxycodin, which isn't a thing. I think you meant Oxycodone, which isn't a hormone.

Eh, not my favorite by far. Definitely bottom of the list.

You are correct! I always make that mistake.

Glad you enjoyed it! This one definitely had less proofreading, I punched it out in over the course of two days.

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Because not an alicorn and very far away.

Sexy, scandalous, and funny.

Most excellent.

she is so an alicorn, and you dont know where she is. could be right outside ponyville for all you know

Got a three on the roll
Read option Four and Five.
I like 3 and 4 and 5 was a very good surprise.
Hope to see some continuation on all of these, especially 3 and 4

Ohmigosh yessss we need a Chryssie chapter.

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