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One-Night Stands must be reeeeally awkward in the Crystal Empire...

"Walk of Shame" indeed

Well that is going to make it difficult to keep what happening from their parents.

It also brings up a question of how far or how long the transparency is. If Glass gets pregnant, are they going to be able to see it develop?

Crystal ponies don't have ultrasounds, they just shine a flashlight a their belly

Hot dayum, nice work. A quick good read. Thumbs up.

I liked this it would be good to see a sequel.

I'll just leave this one here:

Also, congratulations to third place in the Feature Box!

Gnarl #7 · Mar 19th, 2019 · · 3 ·

Oh look, you have a chronic disliker too. :pinkiegasp: I had one for about a week before common sense made it go away. Hope yours goes quicker then mine did. :twilightsmile:

Resu #8 · Mar 19th, 2019 · · ·

-Sister, I think I just peed into you :twilightblush:
-What!! :pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by Mattmatt deleted Mar 19th, 2019

"To close to reality" It's literally just tiny cartoon horses fucking tinier cartoon horses, the only time it get's even a little weird is when the human tag is added, and even then it's still just a fake person fucking a tiny cartoon horse.

I just shrugged. “I… I don’t know,” I said as I brought my face closer. I couldn’t help but kiss her belly, right where that white goo was. “But… I think I like it.”

Cause he can see right through her in her crystal form:derpytongue2:!

Right on.

*Blinks* a foalcon clopfic made the featured board....wtf, okay i have to see this *reads*

Comment posted by Mattmatt deleted Mar 20th, 2019

That's alright, it's not like the mother wont notice the gooey, white pearl inside her daughter's belly. Nope, not at all.

My idea on crystal ponies would be that since the baby is apart of them, they would have the same translucence properties and thus be invisible. Else there might be a lot more common knowledge about this.

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Glad ya'll liked it :twilightsmile:

Oh no! They need a lot more fragile stickers. And thanks as well :heart:


Hope you enjoyed it lol. And it's not the first foalcon clopfic that I have gotten on there, and hopefully not the last :pinkiecrazy:


one should remember that the crystal ponies can turn fleshy at will you know, well sort of they turn to there crystal form when there really happy and filled with love, suppressing there emotions likely causes them to revert, now of course glass being a filly probly doesnt know how to do this yet so as long as shes not depressed or angry...

Okay... that was friggin hot!

I have a question. Are the siblings going to make that a regular thing because the ending (at least to me) suggests they do

Every crystal pony is happy all the time. Lowest rates of crippling depression in the land 😄


Of course they are, forever :pinkiecrazy:

How many kids do they make?

nowdays sure, its hard not to be happy under princess cadence....but there was a time.......good thing glass is too young to remember those days though hehe.

none, there ponies not goats.

We must pick a number, then consult the oracle.


"What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in it?"
"MY sources say no."


as it turns out, everything is a lie. this surprises noone.

Huh, not too shabby, now I should not say this, but I just came here for the: "can you see inside them." Cool concept, but also, good characters.

This is soo hot. :ajsmug:

Sweet home Alabama lol

Gud story. I think. xD

This was quite good. I love first times and exploring and stuff like that.

"Is it gay to look at your own dick cumming inside of a crystal pony?" 1688148

If that's gay then lube me up, boi!

Loved every second of it.:twilightsmile:

Well shit, im dead

Your Avatar with the Comment = PRICELESS :rainbowlaugh:

*suddenly evil laugther from me*

I could imagine sequals to this somehow

any chance of a sequel?

I have an idea for a prequel in mind, but whether I write it or not in the next decade is another matter entirely. :twilightsheepish:

ooooo~ a prequel will definantly read if written. would like a sequel too maybe a little aged up and still naive.

Why don’t you have a crystal pony tag?

Didn't know that was one. Updated.

Such a good story! Needs a second, for science, to see if there's more to this transparency.

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