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A scottish brony/pegasister writer. I seek to better myself with each chapter.


New Title! · 2:16pm Sep 24th, 2016

So the sequel has been a bit slow going (Thank you World of WarCraft and procrastination AND work) but I have decided to give games a break and get back into it. I need a subtitle to go with the main title of "Ace Combat Equestria". "Unsung Wings" has a small ring but I'm looking for other ideas.

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Awesome! And of course don't be afraid to comment. :pinkiehappy:

Well you've got a reader! I'll check out your other works definitely soon. :raritywink:


Thank you. :twilightsheepish: It's a story I'm proud of. I write a lot about pretty broken characters. I think you'd probably appreciate anything of mine with Sunny Breeze in it, and I'll wager you'll love Comforting Her Majesty. I have some ideas about what to,do in the future with Tempest and I definitely going to write her again. I don't know about Sought Touch, however.

Soothing a Tempest was actually rather sweet! I enjoyed it for the fact that a broken mare, who's scarred and beaten, can still be shown she's beautiful, and deserves to be treated like a mare.

Thanks for the watch! What did you like and I'll work on providing more quality content.

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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