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oh i know that cover art its a very nice pic authors got good drawing skills

ya can't link NSFW images bby

don't get banned

7708002 thanks for the heads-up. I'll change things up to remove the link while still giving credit to the artist.

7707903 Yup, Shinodage has some mad talent; I love his work!

*holds out empty wooden bowl*

Please sir, I'd like some more. :raritydespair:

7708116 I found a mistake Eh, I can always marathon it on Netflix when I'm in he mood, you eventually decide.
*the mood

7709609 thanks for pointing that out! I always miss little things like that when I do my last read-through before publishing :facehoof:

7709632 also, was the picture meant to be bigger?

7709645 The original picture is NSFW, so I had to crop it in order to hide the good bits :raritycry:

7709833 You h- *hic* had me at 'a drink at a nearby bar'

the cover art is by shinodage if anyone wants to know

My only issue is that it's really fast paced. Like one minute they get to the bar and two seconds later it's this

Other than that, great writing for first story

7710391 Yeah, pacing has always been an issue of mine. I was also worried I might be taking too long to get into the clop. Glad you liked it, though!

Question, if they don't have computers, how to they have Netflix? Good story, though.

7710695 I don't explicitly explain it in-story, but this is a theoretical scenario where a few humans are allowed citizenship in Equestria (hence why Anon has a work visa).

you accept without considering the possibility that the evening might end with you lying naked in a room with three mares.

Oh god, poor anon was kidnapped! I don't know why, but when I read that my mind decided to go the other route when considering naked with three chicks. I'm certain some people would still consider it fun, but...

For those who are lazy but not lazy enough to require a link, the cover image is a cropped version of image 1288176 on derpibooru.

You have my keks and boners, good sir. Well done.

7711297 the artist is Shinodage

Well, thanks to this story I've found a new picture to add to my [REDACTED] folder.

7711637 Of course I'd find you here. Of all people :rainbowlaugh:

7711509 I got it off Derpibooru, but you can also find it on his Tumblr, shinonsfw

Not bad but was kinda hoping he'd fuck all 3 mares instead of just Raven.

I was hoping he'd do all 3 mares but still pretty nice.

Have not read yet, but just wanted to say I've been waiting for a story like this ever since I found that image on Derpiboo.

7711989 Well, glad I was to make your wish come true :raritywink:

I was initially thinking about writing such a scene, but I was worried that I'd fuck it up and just kept it simple :twilightblush: Maybe I'll take a similar risk in a later fic :rainbowkiss:

7711556 and at the end of the day, isn't that all that matters? :rainbowlaugh:

7711441 your keks and boners bring me great honor

7712249 It was enjoyable none the less!

This... this story was an outrage. It was too damn short. I... I needs more, man. I needs more.

Have a mustache. :moustache:

pretty good

have a mustache :moustache:

Bravo! This is actually really good for a first attempt at clop. :raritywink:

There's not enough Raven fics out there. Nice work.

Poor grammar, dozens of errors, weird, irregular formatting, confusion of past and present participle, and a choppy and messy narrative. Why is this in the featured box?

Oh yeah, second person human clopfic. Every totally-not-a-sixteen-year-old on fimfic creams their pants for these things.

Not to say this isn't a good first attempt at clop. But as far as featured box material goes... it's not there.

7713434 Y'know, it is an option to actually offer editorial help on a story that lacks in a few departments, and not be a total bellend that makes a generic, baseless blanket statement about horny teenagers.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, bro.

7713469 I just use a fly-swatter. It's more satisfying that way.

On a side note, you and I both know that the reason I stated below is exactly why this story is featured right now. And honestly, if I were to offer to edit this, I would be telling the author to re-write just about every sentence. I'm not even exaggerating there. For a oneshot fic that's already been posted, no one is gonna put in that much effort.

Great clop that's worth reading :heart:

7713434 Well, thanks for saying it's okay for a first attempt, I guess. :ajbemused:

By the way, I'm 18, pal. :ajsmug: I don't know why someone's age should matter when discussing the things they like, though, considering we're on the internet.

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