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Yes. He truly is the biggest Wise Man/Shaman/Important Person/Person in Charge/Wave

I was tempted to add literally ten more but I think I was already pushing it. :rainbowwild:

Dan #4 · Mar 28th, 2019 · · ·

Yay! Female Human in Equestria getting it on with Stallions is a refreshing premise we can always use more of.

H2GO #5 · Mar 28th, 2019 · · ·

when you realize that an animated cartoon pony gets more human puss than you.

I've been looking for this kind of fic, female POV's in clop aren't easy to find, at least for FxM clop anyway. It's why I tend to avoid clop for the most part.

Just, thank you for writing this.

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a look.

When I write fics, my thought process on occasion is simply 'what is something there isn't a lot of?' and go from there. I'm happy I was able to satisfy your want, even partially. :twilightsmile:

Cest la vie. :ajsleepy:

Yes, it is a rare thing to find. Female HIE in general doesn't exist in gigantic quantities. I have started a HIE fic but not even I can be sure when that'll come out. Whilst writing I was thinking to myself 'this would be extremely easy to make into something more gay' but I opted not to. I was thoroughly enjoying writing this. That being said, I did spend overly long with the POV character's 'worship' of Big Mac's member, but eh.

I am in full agreement.

Depends. On what? No idea. A lot of the time I do consider sequels to everything I write, however this fic was an exception. If I get the feeling to do a female POV clopfic, I may venture to do another stallion. Thorax, perhaps? Shining Armour allows for drama I suppose. But if enough people want it I'll do a follow up.

Thinking more in the case of the aftermath from.

A belly full of pony cum wouldn’t impregnate you, would it?

Ah, yes. Fun fact, that stinger was meant to lead onto a epilogue that was something of a brick joke from the two not knowing much about each other biologically. It takes the humour out of the joke to explain it, but to sum, Big Mac is confused by the fact that he impregnated you at all since it wasn't estrus season, and 'you' are confused by the fact you're pregnant at all from pony semen. However, I felt like it was a tad too forced, and I couldn't write in such a way for it to be 'funny.' But if I ever did a follow up to this specifically, it very likely would, or wouldn't depending on what fetish I'd want to be the focus. Would people get off to a pregnancy 2nd person fic?

I too have been looking for some female POV romance stories with or without clop. While this was light on the romance what it did have pushed the right buttons for me. The epiphany Fem had, her conversation with Big Mac and the awkwardness the two shared was pretty good. Then there's the clop. Whew, lad. That was some good clop. I'm not a female but the attention Fem paid to Big Mac's equipment didn't seem too much. Made the interaction more believable if you ask me. Thanks for creating and sharing!

Good story, we don't see enough of FemAnon.

holy shit, femAnon is real
I thought it was only a legend in the faraway corners of the fandom :twilightsheepish:

We need more Femanon on this site

Is it possible to upvote twice?

I appreciate your nice words. I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm happy you enjoyed reading it. I personally thought I was scarce on the romance. I probably would have added more, but I couldn't really fit it anywhere. There is something implied by the 'three syllables' thing at the end (I [blank] you) but I was afraid of outright writing it because it seemed to soon for confessions of that like.
Secret between you and me? I didn't actually write this. No, I procured a lost and ancient text from the far edges of the realm. Through mountains and blizzards, through ravines and sandstorms, I discovered a wise old sage who, upon my entry, handed me this fic that was written in a book of dried banana skin. I then published it online for the whole world to see and enjoy. Just keep this between you and me, yeah?


Secret between you and me? I didn't actually write this. No, I procured a lost and ancient text from the far edges of the realm. Through mountains and blizzards, through ravines and sandstorms, I discovered a wise old sage who, upon my entry, handed me this fic that was written in a book of dried banana skin. I then published it online for the whole world to see and enjoy. Just keep this between you and me, yeah?

Hax! i call hax!

Yeesh, that was great. Not a concept I've seen too often (at all? I'm not sure...) and you executed it wonderfully.

Back into the feature box again, are ye?

Haha, yeah I'm afraid. I never think it's due to the quality of my writing and moreso just how out of left field some of my stuff is. I mean, if ya look at my track record, my fic prior was a zebra x pony stallion fic that was the exact opposite of what such fics usually are, now I did a anon x pony fic where anon is actually a woman and the love interest is a stallion. It's just me, wacky zany Jackelope! :rainbowlaugh: But for real, I'm immensely happy that enough people liked this work to get it shoved on in there, and I appreciate very single one of them. Not entirely sure I can say the same of the fic that's coming out today, but hopefully people will like it. Also, I have been keeping up with life in boxes, and that fic is just amazing. It's a treasure. Keep at it, eh?

You have been? What's the last chapter you read? I have been keeping at it... Slowly. Chapter 11, aka Act 2, has put me in a bit of a pinch with how fucking insane what I'm trying to write is. I've gone through, like, 4 half rewrites and i'm on the verge of scrapping it all and trying again because i'm just having such a hard time getting what I want. Bigger problem is that I dont actually know what I want, lol.

Also, yeah, porn fics get into the box easily, especially when its a fresh, odd topic or setting. You write some of the best, imo, so I can tell you that's part of it, for sure. Clearly, you've got a devout and active reader base.

Yeah, clop is admittedly the easy route. I think I told you this, but basically when I began, I saw clop as a way to improve myself. Expectations aren't as high (or so I thought) and I can get better as a writer overtime before I get good enough to move onto non-clop. However, I just enjoy writing it so much know, and like doing different fetishes and scenarios, that I want to keep doing it. However, I still, personally, don't think I'm good. Maybe it's because I'm always comparing myself to others, but I don't think I'm near the quality of someone else, like, Some Leech or Buster Knutt. But hey! As long as I'm making someone happy, as well as myself, I consider it worth it. I do have some less sex-focused works in production but I'll wait until I get all my clop-based ideas out of my system first, as well as requests.

I last read chapter 10, so I'm all caught up. As for your issue, I have been there. Perhaps past tense is the wrong thing to say here, I am in such a similar rut with Learning to Love and Snow and Sand. What's infuriating, and I'm sure you're experiencing it too, is that you know exactly what you want to do, you just can't write it how you want. You see a fic as a work that should steadily incline in quality as it progresses, however, you reach a point where you're unable to match your own heightened expectations, which is what causes such a block to begin with. It is rage-inducing. However, I have found that having some help whilst you write lessens this somewhat. For instance, I have become very much acquainted with another user on this site who, just by writing the next line for me, instantly fills me with a drive because they can give your brain-car the necessary push to keep on trucking. However, this has only been applicable to clop thus far, but perhaps it could work with your fic? Just have someone do a line for you. It could work, it could not. Never hurts to try.


Can we have one with Troubleshoes? He's an adorable schlemiel in need of some human girl lovin.

Maybe one where Cheese Sandwich demonstrates how he got his name.

Hmm. Much like Mac, he's big ol' lug of love. He's a possible candidate for a continuation if I ever decide on one.

Well... That's the problem i'm having right now; I don't know what I want the story to do in this chapter. I don't know how yo write what I want because I dont even know, lol. I have had someone to talk to along the way; Kalash92. He's been a great help, but i think this is something that can only be sorted out with a rewrite, now that I know what I don't want.

Whats been your favorite chapter so far?

That was a trilling story :twilightblush:

Well, chapter two is great for just how impactful it was. The image Luna saw whilst in the dream and the way you delivered it was just superb. I think I commented this remark or something of its like on the story proper. However, if I had to pick a more updated favourite, I'd choose chapter eight. I don't know, but Luna's exchange with Edenbrook was just... memorable, and I can't pin why. Luna's encouragement was just heart warming, and it hit admittedly close to home and with my personal philosophy following my personal life in boxes episode. Besides that, I have enjoyed Luna all throughout it but chapter eight was the chapter to me where I fell in love with your depiction of her. I've been admittedly scarce in commenting on chapters because I didn't want to sound like a broken record of praise - I am terrible at criticising people I like. Your writing is of such a high quality that I have zero doubts and quibbles in calling you a perfectionist... besides all the erasing and rewriting :trollestia:

I thought you hadn't been reading! Yeah, don't worry about sounding like a broken record, lol. I'll take the praise with pride. Don't worry about criticism, I have 2 pre-readers for that, lol. I'm more than happy that you've enjoyed the story thus far! It's been a slog to write, but it's paying off, I think. I'd love to see a comment from you once I actually get this next big chapter published.

Also, goodness, you're such a flatterer.

A belly full of pony cum wouldn’t impregnate you, would it?

Thou'st been featured once more.

Wow thank you, this was amazing, is so rare to find Femanons clop fics.

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Hear hear! I hope we see more stories like this!

omg thank you for this. we need more female HIE. And first person too :rainbowwild:

If the lie involves apples in a good light then applejack just lies to herself because, apples are grapples.

This was a adorable chapter, I hope she does get pregnant and there's a sequel about it

Wait until Sugar Belle finds out. :twilightoops:

lol jk jk

Anyway, despite being a man, I thoroughly enjoyed this

Would clop again


ah’ve never been confessed to.

The only way that's true is if AJ chased them all off first.

Rereading this classic, yet again.

Don’t worry, you haven’t pooped once since you got here.

What's that supposed to mean?

Quick aside emphasising the ease and utopia-esque conditions of Equestria. She doesn't need to poop, ergo neither do ponies ergo no bad smells. I was writing whatever came to mind because I think comedies work better with less preciseness. It was also supposed to justify anal without prep but I don't think I even went that route so it's a bit of an orphaned line.

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