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Well, if nothing else, at least I know a new word now. Not intrigued enough by the definition to read the fic, but thanks for expanding my ever-growing vocabulary anyway. :moustache:

Haha, alright. At least intrigue made you click on it. Have a nice night.

Is there to this futare? Say colts or filyes?

Sorry, could you reiterate the question? I assume you're asking if there is a future to this fic I.E. a sequel. I haven't ruled it out, if that answers your question.

I wanted to know if there chance of sequel , with stallions or more mares? I liked the idea .

Ah, well, I haven't ruled it out. I just have to think of a scenario worth writing. I do like the idea, but various factors have to align for me to find it fun to write. If I like writing it, I can produce it within a week because my fingers just don't stop. If an idea for how I can continue this pops into my head, I'll definitely do it.

It is a deranged mentally






Yikes. I'm sincerely sorry I made these mistakes. I had done some minor editing on the main text itself but I guess I accidentally glossed over the actual main description of the fic itself. I apologize. I have rectified them.

Hey, no worries. I didn’t read this, in all truth, but rather I saw it in my newsfeed and felt I should let you know about what I saw just in the description. :twilightsheepish: Don’t count me disappointed; I just don’t read clop.

Yeah, understandable. It does seem to be a weird occurrence, people clicking on clop stories without the intent of reading. You're not the first. Ah well. I do appreciate you pointing out my errors, it's a gesture I always like. Anywho, have a nice evening. :twilightsmile:

Well, I can see the description of your story without clicking on it if it is in my newsfeed, since I follow you. :moustache: Also, I didn’t downvote this, in case you’re wondering.

I might be more inclined to read had you not painted somnophilia as such a horrible thing.

Comment posted by Damaged deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Oh gods that is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I'm going to be honest, I picked it up off e621. By the time I saved it and put it as the cover art, I had forgotten to do such a thing. I apologise. I've done it on previous stories, but I supose this time it just slipped my mind. It's a mistake I won't repeat Again, sorry.

Yeah, more realistically it should say Machinations of a Rapist.

I don't have anything against it, otherwise I wouldn't have written it. I do consider it a fetish of mine, but within a situation where the person cannot/doesn't consent, it is essentially rape. The reason for the negative portrayal was for story purposes, and outside of a context where the person gives consent, it isn't a fetish that can really be portrayed positively unless it is within aforementioned situation. I'm sorry you feel that way, I didn't mean to cause any offense, personal or otherwise. If it is your kink, I think you'll like it. Otherwise, apologies.

I just feel like you tried too hard to make it sound both bad, and good - like your description couldn't choose a side. If you're going to portray it as rape (which this story likely does), just call it rape.

Super mature. I'm sure you're very proud of yourself.

...Excuse me? What part of what I said was immature? Get off your high horse Mr. Internet SJW. I was agreeing with you damn it.

Yeah, I noticed that myself. Early on it's negative, whilst Red Heart is doing her thing it's positive, and then goes back into negative again with Red Heart's admission. I think that might have been a happy or unhappy accident on my part. As for the whole 'it's just rape' aspect, I did tag the 'non-consensual' aspect in tags. But it couldn't simply be labeled just rape because she's doing it to someone who is sleeping because that's somnophilia. Therefore it's both. The person who wanted me to write this wanted the fetish, and the character of Red Heart, but the only way I found myself being able to write this was a 'hook' that being that there is an air of creepiness/negativity to Red Heart. I don't consider somnophilia a bad fetish, but the way Red Heart went about fulfilling her desires was bad. I think we can agree on that. If she drugged someone into sleep and spent the rest of the night licking their armpits, that would still make what she was doing bad. The act itself isn't bad, but the way she went about it is, ya see me?

well this was a intresting read was not expecting such dirty talk from a naughty nurse

That was... interesting, although I read stories like these not just for the pleasure of it, but also adding realism to this fantasy world however dark it may be.

I sympathize with Red Heart, well... a sympathy you could only apply to a fantasy world like this and not the real world mind you. What is her condition? Why does she have a shaft? and why can't she impregnate other mares?

What happened to her psyche? Is she mentally ill?

In any case... I hope Red Heart finds true love and happiness. For me at least... her sacrifice and determination to help others as a nurse is payment enough for her interesting hobbies. I just hope ponies could forgive her... well... unless this is one of those worlds where everypony is in heat, but if it isn't then I hope ponies could help her alleviate her desires :3

Makes sense I guess. Description just seems a bit off-putting towards oth sides of the fetish line.

I don't think you were agreeing with me as much as you think you were.
Also, SJW?
Conservative. Sorry to disappoint.

9089975 No probs—all sorted now. Congrats on being featured! (I'll admit this isn't my thing, I just recognized the 'squish pic and wanted to see if someone had done an actual take on his headcanon.)

Muh fetish.

I can't believe I'm not already following you.

I think this is the highest I've seen a rape story get in the feature box.

Speaking as someone with a similar fetish I think Redheart comes off unnatural or insane or something with the way she talks to herself and has her "crazy smiles". It's similar to someone that talks to ghosts and goes as far as laughing at their jokes or something. You can have a fetish that isn't socially acceptable but still be completely normal.

Not saying she's in the right about this at all, but she feels written to be a touched-in-the-head antagonist of a story. Even if the deed is morally wrong in real life I think relatability is what you want to aim for when putting the reader into your character.

:twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed it.

I was surprised by this too. I expected the dislike and like bar to be 50/50, however I think not portraying Red Heart's actions positively, but at the same time not having her be too malevolent, helped in that aspect. But I think it might also be rooted in the fact this is a somnophilia fic first and foremost, and whilst rape does occur, it isn't the sole focus.

Yeah, I think this person's reply highlights a few of the things that makes Red Heart somewhat sympathetic despite her actions. 9090137 But you are right. An individual can have such a fetish and still be normal, however outside of a context where a person has given explicit permission, it cannot be viewed as such unfortunately. There's only two scenarios in which the fetish can be acted upon: 1. Person is unawares they are being molested in their sleep. 2. Person is aware and have given permission. It's difficult to portray the first scenario positively, so instead of making Red Heart an extension of the reader, I opted for a more distant and more malevolent caricature instead. To be honest, it'd be hard to portray someone who does these things as 'normal,' and if I did so, it'd paint everyone with this fetish negatively.

It's kinda like bondage or forced sex in the sense that it will always look rapey to outsiders that aren't actually interested in it and don't think much about it past the initial sound of it. But thanks for the story!

I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: Yeah, it's one of those fetishes that don't make any real sense to those who aren't already a fan of it. There's a bunch of fetishes like that. I might have wrote it myself in A Weird Night, but I don't understand the appeal behind vore. However, I'm not gonna knock ya for liking it. I just don't understand. But I digress. Have a nice day.


Not much difference there.

I guess for some the fetish outweighs everything else. While it might not have been the main focus, it's the... Top listed ingredient on the package if you will.

The reception might be because there's just so few somnophilia stories in the first place that people'll take what they can get.

Would be interesting to see if you try and tackle this idea in a lighter setting.

Forced sex is the exact definition of rape though. Though I understand your sentiment.

Honestly, considering the fact that she statedly refuses to sleep in a way where sopoforics are unnecessary, combined with her consistent injuries in canon, I feel like she may have the inverse to red heart, a fetish for being molested in her sleep. Add in her interesting phrasing of "just stick it in me" and it seems too unlikely for her to not be aware and secretly complicit. Not saying red heart is in the right, but she might be in for a shock if she ever asks openly.

Hmm, I never considered that actually. I used Rainbow's dialogue as a way for Red Heart to get a messed up kind of 'consent' but yeah, your thing works really good actually. In my mind, I had set this during Rainbow's first accident, but your thing is totally legit. If I ever did a continuation I'll have your thing in mind.

Good way to introduce it is to have her not account for increased tolerance and not use enough.

Lets say my boyfriend and I live together. And lets say we have this fetish. We'd probably have safe words for it but generally have a tendency to just exert ourselves on each other even going as far as physically forcing without foreplay or lead-up. Like "Surprise! You're suddenly having sex!"

It wouldn't be rape. It'd just sound like rape to outsiders. The safe words and (most importantly) the fact that we both want it make the distinction.

Wow this was great. I hope you take the ideas in comments and add another chapter or two.

But it takes forever.

You accidentally a word there

pierced her tongue thought Rainbow’s lips,

through (???)

the juicy lips of her labia soft

soft labia
Are you French? I think I remember in French class that adjectives usually go after the nouns. Or maybe you've accidentally wrote this in old English lol.

feeling ever little bump


Thanks! I sincerely appreciate you highlighting my mistakes. I'm actually surprised there are so few. And I'm extremely glad you liked the fic, I'm always happy when that happens. Also, we'll see about the addition of more chapters. I am intrigued at the idea of a little continuation. I just need to think on how to do such a thing, keeping those suggestions in mind like you said. But anyway, thank you again. It helps keep me motivated. :twilightsmile:

Damn. You've left me with no choice but to read all the rest of your stories. You monster.

Every time. Seriously every time I think it's going to be a decent story it turns out to be futa. I hate futa.

I mean, in that instance, yeah, it would of course be alright.

I'm more talking about the instances where all parties have not come to that kind of understanding beforehand.

Haha, I'm glad you've decided to peruse my library. Thanks. If you liked this, a few other of my works might be to your liking, especially if you like futa and the like. A lot of people like futa, and request it of me. Other than that, a few of my own fics feature some gay content, if that's your thing. My earlier stuff has some straight content. But regardless, I hope you like reading it. Have fun. :twilightsmile:
A lot of people like it, and a lot of people request it of me. If you have a fetish/characters you'd like me to write about, just send over a quick PM. I'm usually happy to oblige. The person who wanted this just asked for Red Heart, somnophilia and futa. I did, however, forget that he also asked for it to be anthro. But ah, we all make mistakes. I'm sorry it's not to your liking, but a few of my 'non-requests' have content that might be to your liking. I do have fics planned to be written after Learning to Love that broaden my pool, so to speak. Anyway. Apologies. Maybe if I'm featured again, the fic that earns it might be to your liking. Cheerio!

Ugh, I'll never get the obsession with anthro. I'm not sure which is worse: anthro, diapers, or futa. But to each their own I guess. A lot of people don't understand my enjoyment of vore. Hmm... I think I'll take you up on that.

Yo! Then I got to the part where she.. Yoo! And then she started... Yoooo!!! And I just couldn’t stop reading it! And I was like YOOOOOOO!!! What the fuck!

This was a real nice somnophilia story :) Real good work :)

There is only one thing that confuses me, and maybe it just had slipped my eyes, but the only thing that shows that Nurse Redheart is a Futa, is the tag... without it, if I only read the story, it seems a lot like she is a crossdressing Stallion?
I don't want to start a discussion about gender politics, just want to know if nurse Redheart in this story has both sexual organs or just one?

Hmm. I'll leave that up to you to decide. Since the cock tends to be the appeal of futa, mentally, it's what I hone in on. Futa nowadays tends to be a catch-all term for a female + cock. Mentally and genetically female. Just has a dick. The addition of the second set of genitals can neither be confirmed nor disconfirmed until there's a sequel of some sorts. But if you want to know whether or not Red Heart had a vagina, or if whilst writing I pictured her with one, the answer is no, not really.

This gender and sexuell stuff becomes too confusing for me :D for the future I will pretend that only two genders exist and only two sexuality:D and anytime i hear something else i will close my eyes and ears and sing loud the MlP opening song :D

Still one of my favorites to return to.

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