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It's just so saucy! Oh but they're so cuuuutttee though! And all the little details! Ballet, mentions of former boyfriends, acknowledgements of differences, the riding, oh!

Then it got raunchy and I had to read between my fingers, obviously. But still.

At last, the time came that she could no longer hold herself up vertically, and fell with a puff of sheets onto her back.

"What're we gonna do on the bed, Solaris?"

Did I ever tell you it's a pleasure to read through your stuff? Because it kinda is.

When you said "The Big L", I thought you were talking about love, not a certain Night Mare.

Now I kinda want to see a chapter with them trying to calm Luna down, also curious about why she is aginst them being an item.

Congratz, ya got featured. 5/8/2020

You're supposed to end with onii-chan.

“Look, Lulu, we’re consummating!”

im dead


At the risk of being pedantic, shouldn't this have the Alternate Universe tag?


Because Solaris brought home a giant naked mole rat and didn't even have the good grace to ask if he could keep her.

10224782 Indeed. Everyone knows humans are basically rats. Nodding sagely

I enjoyed this a lot!

It was funny, sexy and well-written in all the right places.
Good job!

“You… don’t need to prove anything to me, you know. This won’t change how much I love you.”

That doesn't seem like the way Celestia would speak.

Comment posted by Solarfollow deleted May 14th, 2020

Ending a sentience with "you know" like that, it doesn't seem like something Celestia would do. Her speech (if I remember correctly) has allays been more formal, and more organised then that.

But on the other hand: This is both a flustered Celestia, and a male Celestia. Either of those things could cause her speech to be different from the Celestia we're used too.

It's so lovely! Full of care, cuteness and fun! And love, so much love!
I'd be delighted if this story would acquire a sequel soon!

> None of her previous steadies had done such a thing for her, even the quickies

I understand this is a thing that happens, but I don't get it. How can you not? It's super rude to not offer and follow through if requested. If I were a lady, this would be near-instant disqualification. Well, with hands at least. I can get a guy not wanting to apply mouth after coming inside.

Has she had bad luck, or is this a lot more common than I think?

Anyway, how can this possibly be done? We need an epilogue with Luna. Otherwise some setup from chapter 1 never pays off. Maybe she goes barebackeverything riding?

I'll admit, before reading this, I had some worry towards the "realism" aspect mentioned in the description. I had been burned by stories that had claimed such a thing and become an extreme drag and boring piece to pay attention to.

You on the other hand actually executed it quite well, and for that, I'm thankful for this story and enjoyed reading through it.

That's actually a good point. Thanks, I'll go about checking on that, as well as a few other parts.
Thanks! I'm glad, cause I've had many issues that matched your own with "correct" stories. I wanted to try something that was more realistic, while also... well, this!

Holy shit, you're from Flint, aren't you?

A few towns west of there, but I used to drive into Flint for my old job all the time. Still go there from time to time for a few errands.

Thanks for the tips on that, I went and tweaked that line, as well as a couple more. I appreciate it!


Get Asgore Dreemurr on the line and invite him to join in. Emphasis on the "murr."

Fuzzy, bearded rulers deserve all the cuddles.

Unexpected after blow talk. :raritywink: Got me of guard :rainbowlaugh: Great chapter :twilightsmile:

They didnt invide the Nightly Stud... How ruuude :duck:

Great chapter :twilightsmile: I would
love to have stuff like that worked into a long adventure. For instance 'Off the Mark' etc.

Where's the sequel where it turns out Solaris could get her pregnant and now they're dealing with that and her being pissed.

Great story. We need more woman on stallions clop.

any plan's on doing a sequel?

This was the big L. She knew it. Luna knew it. He even knew it. Raven wasn’t wrong about those rumors. They’d had some very romantic moments in the gardens at night in the last few months, getting more comfortable with each other than they had in the past. Simply spending time with each other was grand, the best, A Plus, Number One. Baseball, Hot Dogs, Applegate Chevrolet… huh, that was a commercial she’d forgotten about until now.

just looked it up, its apple pie not applegate, and it's a really old commercial, from the '80s or '90s when an advertising campaign built around nationalism alone was a viable strategy


Actually, since it's been long enough, here's this!

It's a dealership in Flint. My mother actually bought a couple vehicles from them back in the 00's.

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