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An MLP viewer from Singapore, now an active viewer here on FimFiction. May find inspiration to create my own stories.

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Demons being friendly and good?

I may be christian. But this I got to see! 🍝 🍿

I'm not sure what you mean by "Part Christian". Is that even a thing?


I meant that I am christian. Just sadly didn't do it much, because of covid outside.

It is here!

I would recommend for you to find a cover so that more people can get attracted to this story!

The title of this chapter is Interlude #3. Aside from the Prologue, you haven't even written a first chapter, much less enough chapters to post Interludes 1 and 2. Either this is a mislabel, or you didn't upload the chapters you intended to.

Fixed it. This is meant to be a interlude before Chapter 1, which is currently in progress. Don't worry, I didn't miss anything.

I wouldn't know where to find a cover to match my story, and I don't have the money to commission one.

Comment posted by BloomyJack_22 deleted Jan 11th, 2022

Patience, dude. I don't know how long it will take for me to upload the next chapter, now that I'm busy with work.

So the creation of Celestia and Luna in one and Rarity and Sweetie Belle in the timeskip. Nice I wonder who is next for the list? And I can't wait to see Spike and the Dazzlings in the timeskip too

Close, but no!

It's just Celestia, Luna and Rarity, together with their Nightmare counterparts.


Light and Dark counterparts, NNNNNIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEE! :moustache:

But what about Sweetie Belle?

Sadly, no counterpart for Sweetie Belle. That's as much as I can say without spoiling too much.

By birth? Yes. At least until she joins Spike's Harem. Just wait until I get there.

Ah. So this is how Undertale started.

Really sad that Spurn and Casanova died. The moment the families were being introduced I immediately felt that some of them were going to die.

So how do their souls work post-death? They come from the Underworld where their souls remains intact and allows them to come back. I don't know if they experience 'natural death', but I hope that for those that died they still go to their own paradise.

These characters were too good and brave to just fade away from existence! Me be sad boi now.

I would also like to state that given what happened, I wonder what path the Dazzlings will take. I find it hard to imagine that they'd try to 'take over Equestria' given the power humans have right now and the threat of dying.

Maybe they take a more passive aggressive route? Or maybe try their best to make no human contact at all?

I hope the series will go into how the demons were created. For MLP it's stated that Grogar was the father of all monsters. Don't know if it's the same here, but if it was, perhaps the demons were first beated by Gusty along with Grogar but instead of taking a revenge route, they decide to reevaluate their views now that their master were gone. They end up taking up the kindness of humanity over the hundreds of years and upon trying to introduce themselves, this occurs.

Or did they already exist before?

Wonder who'll be a demon and who'll be a human here!

Also I kind of get confused by the cm. Don't really know what cups equal to 170cm. I know they're big but I don't know what cup they are. H? K? M?!

This is an existential crisis! (Lol!)

Either ways, I loved this chapter and the premise. I hope you continue as I'll be following this story.

What I intended for the Demons was that if they're "killed" by conventional weapons, their souls will remain intact and they can return to The Underworld to respawn their bodies, specifically a Blood Pit.

The only way to truly kill a Demon is to destroy their soul, and the only known way to do that here is with a Demon Slayer sword. And that's not accounting for the fact that they're very, very difficult to make in the first place.

What I meant is what happens to them after they truly die? Do they just disappear forever?

Also thanks for replying

Damn that be hard.

What's your answer to my other comment? You don't have to answer the lore question, you could answer say the what does 170cm equal in bra size lol :rainbowwild:

The reason I used cm was because metric values would be easier for me to gauge than the US cup scale. I'd say 170cm is roughly larger than size M.😝

Two long sessions in one chapter? Damn you're the best!

Interesting, so are we getting Celestia, Luna and Rarity as re-demons or are Daybreaker, Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Rarity going to be their twins?

So what your saying is that the side effect of the demons reincarnated was that the souls of Rarity Celestia and Luna were tainted with demonic energy turned the 3 into demons that their twin sisters are?

What I mean is that the Demon souls each split in 2 and fused with each twin. As of now, their Demon sides remain dormant to be awoken further down the line. So they're still physically human.

Nice upvote count! Hope it'll continue to increase with each new chapter!

Hey, how progress going with the story as of late?

Chapter 1 is still in progress, but I'm currently bogged down by exam revision. I can't promise when it will be ready.

Understandable. I wish you luck then.
Cause this story is very good!

Interesting worldbuilding and sexy clop so far!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I'm glad most people are enjoying the story as it is right now.

For anyone else who's reading, Chapter 1 is almost done as of this comment! Unfortunately, final year studies are still getting in the way, but I'll finish it when I can.

Overall story for chapter 1 is finished, except for the description paragraph for one of the vehicles. I need to get around to designing it first before I can write anything about it. That's as much as I can say without spoiling the details.

How's your new chapter going?

One of my favorite sexual "themes" is boobjobs. And what you did is definitely a A++. :moustache:

On pause for now. I'm preparing for my last exam paper for the moment. I'll get back to it when I can.

Oh my, this was quite a long read. You really packed this first chapter thoroughly! Not bad, my dude :twilightsmile: Out of the cast so far, I think Aphrodisia garners most of my attention with her attitude. Always love the flirtatious troublemakers~

I thought Lacy was also a contender when I wrote this chapter. She enjoys playing with her targets, but she's not malignant in her actions.

This is a very cool chapter! Glad I got the time to finally read it!

Fluttershy always with the massive milkers...not that I'm complaining!:rainbowwild: Fauna is an OC too, I take it? Intrigued to see where this world goes.

Actually, Fauna is a canon character. Look up "Dr Fauna" in the MLP character list. You'll find her there.

Thanks! Anything catch your eye from Chapter 1?

I liked the characters. The vibe of this chapter feels a bit different compared to what I felt in the prior two (which felt a bit like Undertale, ya know Humans banishing Monsters, here Humans are killing demons, which probably lead to my expectations being a bit different), but I'm not complaining. I like the story so far and I can't wait to see more of it.

Hope you get more time to continue this!

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