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This was a great first chapter I am super invested in the story. I like how it wasn't rushed. No true love or anything just two acts of kindness that left impressions on one another.

WOW this was really good 100/100 FIVE stars

Awesome store even more awesome ending

I love how this turned out

I love this story I hope it gets a sequel.

I'm liking this story :raritystarry:

Great story, I'd love to see a sequel to this...

Not much information on Spike's background, but I can see the appeal of this first chapter. An amazing one to be honest.


Let's see how this ends.

I'm loving this so far.

I like the story overall, but I feel that the ending feels... incomplete.
It feels like there's a missing epilogue. An 'afterward'.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

Guess Buck really bucked up when he pissed off Spike. I must admit I had a feeling it was coming and Buck deserved it.

You can just feel the budding chemistry between Rarity and Spike.

Your not the only one 😁

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