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Reboot! Looking forward to seeing a newer rendition of Lineage.

Okay, I like this version of Lineage better so far. Ritcher seems to be far more mature than his counterpart and I liked his interactions with his family, particularly the dulcet scene and the speech scene (laughed when he mentioned Blueblood).

Great start! Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

Good first chapter, excited for the ones to come!

This is a fantastic start:twilightsmile: Can't wait to see more.

Wow sad to see the original go. Let's see where the reboot goes.

Okay.... You better continue this you fucking muppet. It's too good to die. Hope to see more soon!

Question do you take inspiration fromfrom the Witcher series for this story due to the fact that both Richter and Geralt hate dressing up also alot of the creatures seem similat

Hooray another porn fic for me to ignore and pretend I read, I'm just here to shitpost.

Well so far I'm impressed. I can tell that this version already much more refined than its predecessor and look forward to the coming chapters. My only question is if it will have the same base storyline as the original version of Lineage or is this gonna be completely new storyline? The answer won't change me reading the story or not. By good job with this reboot so far, I'm looking forward to great things.

My god johnson, what have you done! This is an amazing first chapter.

I like it. Loved the original, so I really hope this one is good. If Svea isn't in it I'm gonna shit a brick tho

This is an extremely good start to the story, much better than the original. Cannot wait for whats to come!
And not the incest part, but thoses kinky dagonesses and nekos! Oh, spoilers I guess for those just joining?:twilightsheepish:

My god, you got featured! :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp: This is extremely awesome! I'm loving the new Richter. I look forward to more!

7978061 awesome im looking forward to this story also yay for Annerose being in the picture super early

The old adage applies here;

Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave.

Blueblood just gets no respect. So, Richter grew up knowing Annerose and Zane this time? And Zane is trying to be a knight? Richter actually wants to train? Cadance is the one that gets easily unhinged when things don't go her way? Wow, this is already very different than the last version. Hopefully, I can keep up this time.

I have to ask...

You have

last male Alicorn

paired with

my mother, Princess Cadance, and my father, Shining Armour

which seems like a very strange distinction. Is Shining Armour an alicorn in this? Because if he's not, then male alicorns can apparently come from non-alicorn males, so it doesn't seem like there should be a problem eventually having more. And even if Shining is, then what's the problem with Richter making more?

It reads like he's the only male alicorn who will ever now be, and I can't imagine an explanation that isn't at least somewhat arbitrary.


You put a warning for this fix? Holy shit what has the world come to? WHO ARE YOU?!?

Unified Kingdoms
proud of your british heritage, much?

But im not gonna lie, i wish you at least finished the current Arc in the Original Lineage.
i even had the perfect line as a closer.

and thus, this is just another day in Richters' family,
his Lineage.

That first chapter was a good ass start to the reboot of this story. Keep up the good work. And just wondering, will Richter's sister (cannot remember her name) be in the story too?


the old on already had sex talk alamax by here, so this is an upgrade.

plus i like how you changed luna and cadences attitude. fits better for this.

But what good is an ornate pommel if you can't unscrew it to end your enemies rightly with it.

Awwww yissss Richter gets to fighting a Narrowscale. And now he's got some serious backup. Or teammates to be more specific. But, Richter is gonna have to endure boring ass birthday shit first. Then he can get the action. Also, Annerose is still the heavy duty ass kicker and the blushing school girl. Just the way I liked her.

But what about Svea? Will they slay her, or will Annerose get super flustered when they start fucking??


7979949 you clearly have never been hit in the face with a pommel.
no matter how ornate, it still hurts like hell.

7979998 Ah. Well, RIP Svea.

Answers have been gottened.

This came out quicker than expected. Is this going to be a normal thing or just you wrote both one after the other? Either way, cannot wait for more!


Are you planning to change the personalities of the characters, like making Ritcher less of a depressed loser or the alicorns (specially Luna) less of a bunch of amoral monsters?

Yay, Annerose! Glad to see she's going to have a slightly bigger role in this version!

This new Luna, i like. Now we have seen more dialogue with the characters i must say you've outdone yourself rewriting Lineage. Can't wait to see more. :twilightsmile:

but is she still going to be a sexual deviant who loves corrupting women, and making them whores?
and if so, please make a side story!
if you need inspiration for a side story, check your pms, from me ;) the clocktowers bell rings for you.

7980306 still doesn't mean she cant like to make whores, AND be mother goose.

My journey started with a task: find and slay a dragon to prove myself worthy of a crown... but it soon spiralled into something far greater. A journey that spanned the first decades of my immortal life, a journey that left scars on mind, heart, and psyche... and a journey that was filled with forbidden love, hidden away in the confines of the Equestrian Monarchy that I soon fell into, only to embrace wholly and without regret.

A journey that will begin in a few chapters (hopefully).:twilightblush:

I'm ok with this as long as Dragon wife is back......please

Oh no I'm just here because I'm 'Mates' With this twat

Send him birthday wishes tomorrow in the form of dead cats

Shite, RIP Svea:pinkiecrazy:,hopefully got her name right .....o well I'm sure I'll still like this story....I'm just lazy right now to read the story......:fluttershbad:

Itty Bitty Titty Committe

A Sekirei fan I see.

So I wonder how Richter's speach is going to go.

kinda fcked up what you did but atleast ur remaking it

I'm guessing that this version of Richter doesn't have a past of fucking anything that moves.

I like this redux but the original is still good in my book, though.


You refer to cadence as the pink alicorn, does that mean they aren't as human looking in this story?

a lot of fucking good, stabbing, slashing (as long as it's a longsword and not a rapier) etc

If this comment gets 1k dislikes i'll personally make the cover image in my brilliant artstyle

I like that you did the most important character introductions right in the first chapter. I only made it through the first 20 chapters of the original, but I can still tell that this is a good start.

you should definitely have the dragon confuse annarose as a guy when they meet

Although I'm sad Lineage got canceled, I can sort of see what you mean; it was starting to struggle under its own weight. I look forward to seeing where this goes. :pinkiesmile:

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