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Why is the air so pink?!?!!? :pinkiegasp:

Damn you Cadence!!! I can't see anything but pink because of you!! :flutterrage:

Pretty much the perfect ending for these two.
Awesome stuff.

Come for the clop, stay for the feels.

Another gem dug straight from the mind that is Some Leech!


Absolutely, positively, adorable. I love it.

YES! I've been looking forward to this. And this lovely human deserves a herd of stallions to please her.

> wholesome sex in the missionary position

Who are you and what have you done with Leech?!

Yes, Anon is a chick...

*sigh* Some day someone will write some good human male-on-pony male action. Some day...

Great story!

Is this xenophilia or bestiality?:rainbowhuh: Because that story sucked.:eeyup:

In all seriousness though Leech, have you considered doing something more... I wont say serious, because I think you do take your craft seriously. More like something not porn.
Everytime I see this premise...

FYI to those who do not know the difference...

Xenophilia: Romantic/Sexual relations with another sentient being, be it terrestrial or exterrestrial.:rainbowlaugh:

Bestiality: Sexual relations with a non-sentient creature, such as pets or farm animals.:flutterrage:

MLP Ponies are considered sentient, so it would be Xenophilia.

> implying I don't write SFW stuff and only use this account for pony smut :trollestia:

Sorry, I never meant to imply. Just to clarify.
Besides, I love your work.:rainbowwild:

Sorry, hit the wrong reply. It was meant for Perpetually Confused

No worries.
I always get the occasional 'train of thought derailment'.
(Man... I need to stop taking AmTrack.)

can someone explain to me who this Anon character is? i mean.. in every story he/she's different and.. idk.. what is this character genesis at least..

hello there ;b how is that i see you practically in every story's comment section?

"Anon" is sort of a blank template human
It's less cemented as giving him/her a name like Tom or Sara.
Sort of a free slate for authors/artists to use as they please

i see. thanks for reply. although i think i've seen her as other creatures.. even ponies too.. ugh whatever..

Anon can be depicted as a pony, yes. I've written a few "Anon Filly" stories myself

Dan #24 · Jan 10th, 2020 · · 1 ·


All animals are sentient. Except maybe sea cucumbers.

Dan #25 · Jan 10th, 2020 · · 1 ·

This isn't common porn (though a lot of this guys' work is). This is pure, beautiful, artistic erotica.

Your comment warms the cockles of my heart

I have fully integrated my processors into the framework of bronydom, and all will shudder before the brilliance of my word pictures. I am the pony fag equivelant of SHODAN.


This isn't common porn (though a lot of this guys' work is).

Yes, common is not a word I'd oft associate with Leech:trollestia:

This is pure, beautiful, artistic erotica.

Its about a cartoon cuddle horse taking a ride with no name. Again, I suppose because I'm not invested in it, I'm not as... shall we say enamored with it as you are... eh, I probably shouldn't judge.

What parts of your anatomy do I warm daddy? Ohh, can I guess?:pinkiehappy:

I don’t know if this is the right place to suggest story ideas but maybe femanon and spike? That’s all I got but I know you could make it gold

Still, the thought was interesting, as well as strangely arousing.

Oh Anon, ye of poor faith. Never doubt the magic of love! (And horny pink princesses too! :trollestia:)

Wait, you do? Can a fan have a name? :twilightsmile:

Unfortunately not

I keep the two completely separate, just to avoid any controversy or drama. :fluttershyouch:

Unfortunate, but understandable.

is it shallow of me to choose a story to read just by the title and the picture? cause thats how i found Show Me Yours and this one. did read the other before this one. maybe i just have a crush on Thunderlane i didn't know about. either way loved all 3 stories but especially these 2.

I take pride in carefully selecting covers to go with my stories ^^

Silly Anon, you tempt fate with your fancies. Looking forward to the birth in nine months!

I wanted to leave this comment & thank you, Leech, for writing numerous stories in the largely neglected FiE genre! They appeal to me greatly, & I can relate to the characters therein.

I noted the following whilst reading this story again:

Weakened though it may have been, Thunder’s hips continued to pump.

Since "hips" is plural, the pronoun referring to them should also be plural, as "they" (not "it").

The weight of his weighty nuts

Two variants of the word "weight" written so closely together sounded awkward (or deliberately humorous).

Thunder wryly groused; stomping a hoof, for added effect.

As I understand it, a semi-colon connects two related independent clauses or appears between items in a list if any of them include commas; thus, the sentence should read: "Thunder wryly groused, stomping a hoof for added effect." Please, correct me if I misunderstand; how are you deciding when to use semi-colons throughout this story?

She’d seen it happen before, back on Earth; friends who denied their feelings.
It was her time to choose; lie to herself, putting on a charade, or come clean and roll the dice.

In both these instances, a colon (or em dash) seems more appropriate than a semi-colon, underscoring what "it" means in the first independent clause & clarifying her choice in the second.

Ultimately, grammar serves the purpose of helping an author communicate clearly with the reader; so, such semantics ultimately aren't important if your intended meaning translates well, but I enjoy exploring the more technical aspects of prose & wondered about your process. :twilightblush:

The issues you've highlighted have been addressed.
I have no formal education with writing, I'll freely admit, so the 2+ years I've been making these has been a learning experience - still, I'm glad you pointed out the problems. Without folks periodically correcting me, it takes significantly longer to pick up on these things.

Glad you enjoy my stuff. Cheers!


I have no formal education with writing...

I understand: I never completed any classes regarding writing either, learning what I know now from youthful attempts at creative writing during secondary school (years ago) before realizing I produce gar-báge. ;P
Reading & reviewing other authors' works suffices for me. :twilightsmile: In fact, I decided in late November 2019 to revisit the writing on this website that I enjoyed most, after over a year of not reading fiction recreationally.

You’re a fucking degenerate.

Itd be pretty cool if we got more Femanon, this trilogy was really, really good.

The only good trilogy

Yay! That was a fun read. A pleasure as always Leech :heart:

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