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Luster Dawn is a unicorn filly enrolled at Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns. After only a year, in which she displayed her exemplary use of magic and expertise at fostering friendships, it would come only as a surprise to her that Princess Twilight Sparkle would offer her the role of being her personal student. Whilst such a thing should have been an honour for the young filly, she can't help but let the stress of carrying such a title weigh heavy on her haunches.

Fortunately, her mother, who isn't the best when it comes to all things emotional, is there to lend her a hoof.

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A big thank you to Ice Star for both commissioning and proof-reading this fic. Additional thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for pointing out several glaring issues, all of which are now (hopefully) fixed.
Featured 11/03/2020 (03/10/2020 for Americans.) Thank you so much everybody. :twilightsmile:
Massive thanks to StraightToThePointStudios for the audio reading, which you can find [HERE]

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Cheerilee’s class is on a field trip to Trottingham, which was severely under-researched before it was commenced. Whilst the entire class has been distraught over the low-tragedy of the weekend they’re about to endure, Featherweight is far too confused to be sad or angry about their bad luck. Fortunately, his best friend Pipsqueak is there to accompany him on this venture. However, the silver lining of misfortune to that fact is that Pipsqueak is the source of Featherweight’s confusion!

Through the disaster and rain, Trottingham will reveal to Featherweight what his symptoms are the cause of, and cure him of his discombobulation…

This fic marks the end of my 'old' requests. This fic, if I am to be honest, went through the literary equivalent of development hell. I, to this day, have no clue as to why this was so difficult to write. Perhaps it was because I had a style of writing firmly implanted in my head that I wanted to do, but I had to keep it consistent with how I wrote the rest of it so after a while - with no offence to the person who requested this - writing it became painful. It prevented me from dedicated time to larger projects, and it was sucking all my drive and motivation to keep writing. Now that this is done, I can finally move onto other things, such as putting more effort back into Learning to Love as well as some larger side fictions. Anyway, I hope that you like this despite its shortcomings. Leave a dislike if it is deserving. Ciao. :twilightsmile:

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Rarity is in her lounge reading the latest monthly of her favorite fashion magazine. Then suddenly, despite how early the hour is, somepony rings the bell at her front door. Rarity, being the accommodating mare she is, answers it.

Featured 07/01/2018
God help you all. :rainbowlaugh:

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Chrysalis has amassed a Changeling horde unlike the world has ever seen. Fortunately for pony kind, Earth's greatest hero and his sidekick just so happened to be in the neighborhood. :pinkiehappy:

Written as a friendly retort to this by user Kalash: MEGA COVEFE
I wrote this in one sitting and one hour and mean nothing by it. :rainbowlaugh:
No proofreading whatsoever.

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The histories tell of an age long ago, when two sisters, one to each orb in the sky ruled over the land. The Na and Tia revolved around each other, lighting both North and South with their brilliant light. The heat in the North was not scorching, and the South was not a frozen wasteland. Then, for a reason long lost to time and crumbled from the pages of the history books, they disappeared. Their relics, the Na and Tia, remain hanging still in the sky. Forever.

A millennium passed since their age ended, and in its place, fresh anew an age of light and of the dark. The age of unending twilight.

Written for the August Longfic Contest: Begin Again
Since we could interpret the prompt as anything we wanted, I opted for this prompt to be applied to the entirety of society in Equestria I.E. Due to a horrendous event, society had to begin again. Eh? Eh?
Pre-read by the wonderful: CoffeeBean
Nightmare Darkness
I have left out appropriate tags to avoid spoilers.
If things go to plan, a chapter every week, usually of varying lengths.
Cover art Amalgamzaku
Artists fimfiction account: Mix-up

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It was a strange idea. One alien to her in its entirety. Certainly she had come face to face to those who would like to usurp, to cast her down and take her place as ruler of Equestria. Although they were usually of the malevolent sort, who were as powerful as they were cruel. Yet there was a pony right in her capital, who desired to see her removed from power… peacefully? Preaching of a peculiar government by the name of a ‘republic’. She sees no other course of action than to debate this stallion on the politics of state, liberty, and what it means to be free.

Very different from what I usually write.
This will be extremely boring if you don't have any care for politics or meagre philosophy. Do not read unless you absolutely want to.
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