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This doesn't really sound like a Fallout Equestria fic, more like a pony in Fallout.

I'm sorry about that. Much to my own shame, I haven't actually read the Fallout Equestria stories. The requester said if I was familiar with Fallout the games series and stated his desire for his OC to get it on with a deathclaw. :twilightblush: I didn't realise how different they really were. I hope I'm not going to get impaled with hate for this. I did try to do my best with what I knew of the Fallout series. If I had know more depth was required I wouldn't have done it. Apologies.

Has anyone does this before? :rainbowlaugh: Nice job.

Can't speak for the rest of the populace, but I'm not really pissed or anything. A lot of the creatures characters and factions, along with other smaller things, in Fallout have analogs in Fallout Equestria (FoE). Some are more obvious than others. Deathclaws are replaced with what's called hell hounds in FoE, giant irradiated diamond dogs. Mole rats don't exist (that I can recall), though hell hounds do possess their underground tendencies. Ghouls, both feral and normal, are the same, the BoS is replaced with steel rangers, ect. I haven't really spotted an analog for the Yao Guai either, though maybe hell hounds are deathclaw, mole rats and Yao Guai all rolled into one. But you should definitely read FoE and project horizons, in that order at the very least. Though I gotta warn ya, PH is pretty rugged, even by Fallout standards.

Ah, I see. I didn't know any of that :facehoof: Well, I'm not sure how external material is regarded to the mainline lore of Fallout Equestria, but I suppose this fic in particular can be considered non-canon? ::trollestia: Fallout Equestria does sound interesting. I should give it a proper read one day. Acting with hindsight, I should probably have done research on this. However, out of the ideas the requester had put before me, this was my favourite.

It's nothing bad to have a non-canon FoE fic, there's only 5 or so that are considered canon at most. (FoE, project horizons, pinkeyes, heroes, and murky number 7 are the ones I know of). The rest are considered side stories. There are stories that aren't FoE on here that have a fallout setting, this would be more in line with those.

Ah, I see, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I only know a few details about Fallout Equestria. Namely, Little Pip, Little Pip is a lesbian, and something god-fucking-awful happened to Trixie.

Not as bad as what happened to Twilight. But you'll see in time.

Really? I heard Trixie was stretched out to only her skin and becomes a room of eyes That sounds abysmal, and you're telling me Twilight gets it worse? Jesus.

Uh, no, that's not even close to what happened to Trixie.

Oh, huh. I wonder who that was then. I guess I'll see for myself. Thank you for being patient with me. This has been enlightening. I don't think I'll ever take a crack at writing Fallout Equestria stuff myself, but you have gotten me intrigued into the series enough to read it. Thanks.

You know I love your stuff, right? So when I was about to downvote this purely from the short description, you must know it was only from my seething hatred for all things Fallout: Equestria.

Then I read the actual premise and the fic and oh my god you're a disgusting genious. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: Wow, okay, now I'm wondering if that's where the dislikes were coming from. I like leaving my descriptions vague so readers can get surprised from the content. Should I have been less vague :twilightoops: Anyhow, I'm glad you liked it :rainbowwild: I know nothing of Fallout Equestria so I apparently did doo-doo all over the lore, so there. Double incentive for haters of Fallout Equestria to like :trollestia:

Only the original is strictly canon, but some like to consider one or the other important enough.

I would never accept PH as canon. It was mostly readable and sometimes enjoyable, but it has too many problems. Sometimes it broke the lore and had inconsistencies and plotholes.

All I know about FO:E is that it is incredibly edgy.

That, and it shares all the same first letters with something completely despicable.

It's quite a bit of a read. After reading PH I've had a really hard time reading any more of it. Not because it's boring but to me, it was quite taxing emotionally.
That is true, it's more of a head canon thing for me, especially where the others I mentioned (except pinkeyes) tie into the original in some way.

I belive i read that kkat means ph is cannon but most of the fans dont (also that ph ah and kkat talked and kkat helped writing)

Edgy yea and no. The premise is good, it captured the fallout feeling, but the the main characters for the most part are whining and to mutch "woe is me, i did something stupid pity me." meanwhile the past characters (elements and everyone dead for the most part) are good, (somewhat belivable and in some cases i can se them happening.)
Ah nah she isent like master from fallout (for the most part)

Great story btw. I just stumbled upon this.

I kinda want to see a story where the guy gets into different situations with his deathclaw girlfriend

Could be quite cute

Mind explaining the thing about her becoming blue

Deathclaw mothers have a bluer hue than their more male counterparts. At least according to the wikia. So, the implies impregnation tag in the description tied into this detail. :twilightsmile:

There's a lack of Deathclaw lewds. This should be rectified.

(If it passes the Harkniss test, it's not bestiality)

whatever it's called when the woman does all the work

Femdom (Female Dominant)

SMH. That's a shame. Tho it gripes me to know that the one who made the request must've had the thought process of "I want to spend money on this fic comission, but I don't want it to be anything like the source material." To each their own, I suppose.

They didn't actually pay any money at all. I did fic simply because they asked. :twilightsmile: If I ever did something more 'faithful' I would definitely read up some more on the lore and stuff to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Rather hot and unexpected, nice one!

Probably nothing.

This phrase alone deserves a sequel filled to the brink with

cute ponyclaw foal shenanigans

. And more of those two developing a loving relationship, because d'aww :yay:

Basically... unless you've read Fallout: Equestria (the original fic, by Kkat) and specifically decided to write your story in the setting built up by that story, it's not a good idea to put any kind of "Fallout Equestria" prefix on your story title.

It builds up expectations, y'know. People go looking for Fallout: Equestria spinoffs, and finding "false positives" like this in their search is bound to cause some backlash :unsuresweetie:

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