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This was okay. Not super into the whole brother thing, or cheating, so yea. If you are into that kind of thing, you gonna like it.

Like if you have gone with less accent, and more refined speech, or gone for full on Uganda Knuckles tier racy peach. Would been better than the in between IMO.

Appreciate the comment, thanks.

My internal reason with his speech is due to his presence in Canterlot. I'm sure you're American, but as a Brit who interacts with primarily Americans and consumes a ton of American content online, my speech and language over time has changed a little due to that. I even say 'mo bil' not 'mo bile' anymore. There's a name for it, I'm sure. But yeah, it's my post writing justification for it. Now that you've commented this, I now realise it might have been better to have fully dedicated his speech to a single style, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it now. Sorry. Again, however, thanks. Appreciate the comment.

Hey, you're one of my favourite authors. I'm happy i created something that aroused your interest. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks m8. But seriously though, this is some damn good shit right here.

Keep up the good work!

This was very enjoyable, and indeed, this take on a zebra character was nicely refreshing. Consider adding "Zebra" tag.

And now parts that seem like errors to me.

What better way to avenge your tarnished ploughing your wife’s crush like a garden?

you do like a little like a mare

he just watched, as the Zebra watching his cock to little bobs in reaction to his hot breaths;

Celestia, it was good.[i/]

Wrong closing tag, and several following paragraphs are all italics.

each time Sharp’s slid over his prostate

Similar lily

Ah, dang. Thank you for bringing these to my attention. These are some stupid mistakes and I apologise for not being more thorough. I'll fix these asap. Thanks.

Edit: ok, I fixed then. I'm hindsight I should have been more thorough to avoid making such mistakes. I'll try not to have the same blunders next time. It's a wonder this fix is being received so positively. :twilightsmile:

Don't be surprised. Engaging stories are not easily ruined by a couple missed words.

Yesyesyesyes, finally a zebra M/M fic with both a subby zebra and without the whole 'sexually conquer and rape/mind control all the ponies' vibe.

Ooh, I liked this a lot. Really nice and intimate writing, as usual, and it was really fun seeing Sharp get over all his uncertainty and get into it.

Not going to lie, though, I expected it to go a bit sillier at some point, and am a little saddened at missing out on that. I really wanted to see Scarlet show up and get really into her husband fucking her crush. Or maybe she just would have been shown how to properly treat her husband, and she and Saala could have some tag teaming, or... Well, the ending is very non-specific about her fate, so I can imagine that happened later!

Thanks for writing!

This has been an awesome really I always like you describe sensations from the characters point of view which you do so well in making it sound intimate between the characters. Keep up the good work.

Now this is a M/M clop fic with a zebra and pony I can get behind. :raritywink: I loved the more intimate and velvety tone to this one, as well as the length; it was longer and thicker than average, yet short enough that it wasn't painful or boring to read. :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

I’m reading Saala’s lines in Bushmaster’s voice.

Now this is some great porn with great plot. Really sweet too.

Good job. Finally something more romantic like, other than borderline stereotypical drugged-up zebras drugging-up others with seemingly no problem at all. Such a thing can get boring reeally fast. But that's why we have video-games.:pinkiesmile:
And why is it almost ALWAYS either zebra or caribou doing fetish-fuel conquering? What about griffins, minotaur's, diamond dogs, dragons, breezies, etc...? Tossed similar question in derpibooru comment section once; resulted plenty of idea chunks flying around.

I'm glad you liked it for that reason, as it was the prime reason I wanted to write this. The only clopfics with Zebras I've seen (that aren't focused on Zecora) primarily focus on domination and sexual conquest and whatnot. I wanted to flip it on its head entirely. Not only is the main focus gay, but's also entirely consensual, and with the Zebra being the bottom. I had fun writing this, so I'm massively happy you had fun reading it. :twilightsmile:

I did have some ideas that thought about implementing. Since I wanted to do a subversion of typical Zebra-dom-cuck stuff, I toyed with the idea of having cuckqueen scene, where Scarlet is forced to watch the lewd act occurring between Sharp and Saala. She did initially have more of a part in it whilst I was midway writing, that being a scene where she and Saala are talking at a cafe. The conversation was mostly her being upset that Sharp is divorcing her, but she unsubtly drops that she is now single. Saala again dodges her advances, but immediately hops off his chair upon Sharp entering the establishment. The two stallions kiss visibly, and it was supposed to be an extra drop of 'suck it!' on Scarlet. But alas, I didn't write it. It wasn't the only thing that was changed. Sharp's original name was 'Sharpe.' However, that stuff isn't set in stone. If I ever decided to do a continuation, I could definitely throw in one or two of your ideas. But anyway, I'm really happy you liked it. :yay:

I'm just glad you liked my fic. To be honest, I didn't think it would have been as well received as it has been. Thank you all for your kind works. :raritywink:

Glad you liked it! As to you answer your question, I've come up with a hypothesis for caribous. You see, caribous are essentially reindeer, and historically antlers were used to denote someone a cuckold. So, I guess in the context, they're an entire race that systematically cucks an entire race of all their females? I don't know for certain. I haven't actually read or looked at any of the Fall of Equestria stuff. While I admit, I do sort of like the whole 'making people cheat/become sex-crazy via the power of big dick' hot, I do find it a tad distasteful and off putting when it's applied to the goal of essentially wiping out an entire race.

As for Zebras, well, people oft use them as stand-ins for black people. Utilizing Zebras for the same theme as Fall of Equestria is essentially adapted from a similar IRL fetish, I.E. black guys have big dicks, all white women are hungry for them, etcetera. Of course, both of those things are myths, primarily being spawned during the sexual revolution of the 1960-70s and slavery era. The whole 'breeding white people out of existence' thing is something more recent, about ten to fifteen years old. It was born by cuckolds and whatnot, guys who believe that they're sexually inadequate and thus have to seek outsiders to satisfy their wives. Combining sexual inadequacy with a long-time stereotype/myth that black people have bigger penises and better at sex leads to a natural conclusion I'm sure you can piece together. Thus, the whole 'Zebra' trope in clopfics - that they tempt mares into cheating, and leave them better sexually satisfied than their husbands - is merely an adaptation of an IRL fetish. That's actually why I wanted to write this. Because it's kind of different than the norm. Plus, there isn't a dedicated clopfic group for Zebras that doesn't include domination. Who knows, maybe I've written the first ever gay clopfic with a Zebra in it.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed my fic. :twilightsmile:

Before I read, I just want to point out that in Hindi, "Saala" translates roughly to "bastard"* which is absolutely fantastic.

dis gon b gud

*Or, at least, some sort of swear word equivalent

Cute story, only thing I can say I would've been happy to see is Sharp acting a little more dominant, but I get that you've been writing him as unsure and first-timer in gay sex. Hope to see more stories about zebras that differ from usual zebradom. If there's a sequel it should have more dominant Sharp and Saala getting his comeuppance for all this annoying 'brother' spam.

I actually looked up the language Zecora's name is translated from. Oromo. Zecora in Oromo = Zebra. So, all I simply did was look up the translation for the word 'sex,' which in the end was Saala. However, the Hindi translation is great too. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Yeah. If I did a follow up Sharp being much more confident in bed is a must. However, I have a menagerie of requests to get to before I consider doing sequels. I'm glad you liked it though, makes me happy. :twilightsmile:

wait so the zebra is a sub finally and I'm getting tired of that 'sexually conquer and rape/mind control all the ponies' vibe.
and especially getting tired of ’zebra supremacy’; cuckolding, impregnating, ’striping’, or racially abusing non-zebras would love to have some reverse of that and love to see pony supremacy.

p.s. don't really get it either ponies are bigger

Couple of slip ups with the pronouns in there, refering to Sharp Poke as a "she" multiple times.

I must say, I found this story to be adorable. The writing is easy to read, not overly filled with descriptions, and Sharp edging into dominance during the sex itself(which is written fantastically by the way) but then becoming nervous and unsure of himself straight after is one of the cutest things I've read in a while.

Now personally, when it comes to clopfics featuring Zebras, it is normally the same tropes and I do dislike that unvarying aspect of them. Drugging up or seducing a mare with their massive... Massive cocksexoitic nature. While you do subvert that mostly(not only by making the Zebra attracted to the stallion, making it more consensual and having the zebra be the Bottom). There is one trope I feel really could have been taken out to make it even better, that being the Infidelity itself. Personally, I couldn't care about cheating or cuckolding as a fetish if someone likes it, good for them and I hope they continue to enjoy it. But it's so... unoriginal. Even when flipped on its head. But, that's just me. Great story nevertheless.

The chapter title alone makes me want to read this. Looking forward to getting around to it!

I’ve not even finished the story and I love it! It’s very well written

The song is so fitting for this story. XD

I swear to god, that other idea you had sounds so fucking familiar but i cant fucking remember why....i remember seeing some story, i cant remember what, about a zebra (at least, i think it was a zebra) falling for a guard and following them when they get reassigned, only to get gangbanged by the whole platoon

Bah! Sorry! This is what happens when you write futa too much. I fixed those errors now. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

This is the story you are looking for! Yeah, the idea I mentioned was similar to that clopfic, which is one of the reasons I was de-motivated to write it. I had the idea before that fic came out, but due to writing a bunch of other stuff I couldn't get around to it. It's similar to the other fic on the basis it's a contingent of guards going to the Zebra homeland, however it's focused more on a 1-on-1 interaction between a young low-ranking guard and a shaman in training who fall in love. Unfortunately, due to the release of the fic you were mentioning, it went even lower down on my to-do list. Anyway, I hope you both liked this fic. :twilightsmile:

Zebras? Insta fav!

So...possible sequel to this?

Glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

Never say never! I do have a bunch of stuff I need to get through first however.

This is oddly romantic

I love it :heart:

I absolutely love this story from start to finish. It’s well written, well told, and just so much fun to read. I felt heartwarmed by the end and you created characters I genuinely want to meet again. I want to share their adventures and enjoy their relationship.
Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Sweet, not empty clop, reasonable build up. For me, the only downside is how vanilla it is, but I'm a ruined, dirty creature.

Very well done.

the fact he might end up sticking his ding-dang up another stallion’s hoo-ha

Best line

Ay, good shit man. Here's to more in the future, eh?

he accepted the Saala… smelled, good

that Saala

The big ,scary,

The big, scary,

okay,” Seela’s voice

Salla coughed into


as the Zebra eyes his cock


as his balls brushing against the striped stallion’s chin


resist it’s unnatural stretching.


stop his cheek s burning slightly.

Uhh. I dunno.

Since though left him,

thought (???)

couldn’t keep his hooves of Sharp


Hey, thanks for the editing my man. I'll put you on the thingamajig as extra thanks. :twilightsmile: Yeah, I really should've gotten an editor, I made so many simple mistakes it hurts the head. Anyway, I appreciate you liked the story. I have a few more gay fics in mind, if that's your thing. As for these two characters, I'm going to be honest when I say I don't know what to do with them. :twilightblush: If I get any ideas in the future, I'll definitely make a continuation of sorts. But yeah, thank you again. :raritywink:

Good shit man. And naw, I don't need gay shit, I just need good shit; you've already got good shit (LunaxCelestia forever :D). Keep up the good work my dude.

Also get Grammarly (Chrome extension/MS Word Add On), it's not 100% perfect, but it's good.

Was a nice clop. Here's a couple of small errors I noticed:

Since though left him, his actions were on auto.

His body shook as she delivered the final few slams

Hi Jackelope

I thoroughly enjoyed your writing of "the Zebra' where the flip on assumed infidelity leads to infidelity on his own part. There is a distinct sexiness of the topping from the bottom concept which is such a rarity in writing in any field and it's length of the events being drawn out to an exquisite detailed degree. No short clop fic here..I've given it a thumbs up and added it to my favorites list. I hope it gets a possible sequel or a deepening of their relationship as I'd like to read more. An organized camping trip maybe that Sharp Poke doesn't know about being put together by Saala at the last minute? Or maybe a friend of Saala whos like him with his proclivities participating. Just an idea.😀

Best of luck with your writing Jackelope. I'm enjoying its development.:twilightsmile:


I really enjoyed this, I do hope you decide to continue on with these two characters.

It's almost been a year for this fic, but after rereading this I can't help but wonder what happened during that one month later.

Actually, I'm more curious about how Sharp and Saala's dates went. Clearly, they enjoy the sex, but what do they actually like about each other to stay together for over a month?

I do have a sequel planned with the main filling of it's content the slice of life aspect IE how different their day to day is now with each other in their lives. However it keeps getting reshuffled due to changing priorities. After I finish my latest 2 projects ( a gay fic and a commission) I'll begin writing it up. I am over 7k with those 2, and am nearing each of their completions. I am hastening my word output, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long to see Saala and Sharp again

Glad to hear sequel is in the works!

...So how is the sequel coming along if you don't mind me asking?

When I finish commission number 2 I'll start making some progress on that. :twilightblush: Yeah, I'm a wee behind on some of the paid stories. My conscience doesn't feel clean unless I obligate them first.

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