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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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you misspelled evehly

SHIT! Many thanks for the save!

Sombra intoned, his sonorous voice resonating throughout the room. “Secondly,” he continued, casually strolling towards the orange pegasus,

Sunburst is a pegasus?

Well it was a fun read, I was hopping for more molestation and humiliation, but I did certainly enjoyed it. Now I did like the baths, wonder what else is going on.

mmmm Sombra looks sooo sexy in that picture

What a cute little story. I loved how genuinely caring and sweet Sombra was.

Kinda drew inspiration from the comics on that.
I totally don't have a soft spot for him I swear...


As JeremyStorm said, M/M is love, M/M is life. :ajsmug:

It's all that freakin floof!
He's so fluffy! :D


I believe you.

Judging from this fic, you have a hard spot for him. :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::ajbemused:

It's right about the spot where you said "markley" instead of "markedly". You know, the scene where Sombra's kneeling to the floor before the pretty princess and her studly prince, with his rump in the air? :derpytongue2:

Or that could just be how I see it in my head...

My thanks, fair maiden.


Not after Flurry, she's not.

Well, fair, she is. But matron, not maiden. :twilightsmile:

Honestly, I'd like to see more of this as a relationship piece; overall, less sex, more romance. More chapters, with Sombra exploring his place in this strange new world, Sunburst exploring his burgeoning sexuality, and both of them exploring their newfound relationship. Meanwhile, they have to keep Sombra's identity secret and deal with the fallout when it eventually fails. And maybe having to explain things to A.) Sunburst's family, and B.) the royal couple. Maybe do some adventuring, using Sombra's ancient knowledge and ridiculous power when more of those seals on the many and varied Ancient Evils™ break loose.

Would the celestial sisters think that Sunburst is being magically dominated? And would the two males be accepted as a couple, given the preponderance of mares to stallions in Equestria and the potential sexism that might result?

Forgive my joke, but I’m certainly not soft for this Sombra!

Finally a Sombra that likes to ride a stallion from time to time!

Trust me, there's a lot of gay Sombra content out there if you look hard enough. It's actually one of my top OTPs~

So goddamn adorable!

*breathes deeply* First off he's done shinning armor and now the royal crystaller has fallen under his spell...willingly! i'm being very overdramatic here if ya must know leech;) very smexy story. please somebody write a fic of sombra and stygian because they were both taken in by dark magic.

shoutout - Hey, Milo_Chalks...ya favorite wizard stallion is this story!

Yee maybe but almost all of them is sombra the one doing the giving but only in a few he is taking a good cock

need more!

I kind of like him as a dominant switch. Top or bottom, doesn't really matter; he's gonna be the one in control either way.

Yeah sure i can tottaly see that, most are just like give him that dom attitude where he just fucks everyone but i really wish there where more power bottom storys of him (and in general)

So thanks to making this story as it is, totally love it ;3

Any time m8, it was fun as hell to write!
I have more ideas with these two in my ever growing "SHIT LEECH NEEDS TO WRITE" pile. :trollestia:

9226112 Know of any longer-term M/M stories featuring reformed!Sombra as a suave SOB? Because I like this story, want more, and don't think more is actually forthcoming any time soon.

9233067 Thanks.

Huh. You don't really see Reformed!Discord/Sombra fics that ship them together. I hope it's a good one.

"I've awoken from an ancient curse and realized that I've become a terrible monster!"

"...And that I'm really, really hungry."

"...And damn do I need some action."

Like Sombra power bottoming, not something folks usually go to with him.

Heh, could be fun tontry and write with him trying ti make-up with CadencexShuning, then later flurry.

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