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Omg ty i have waited so long for this.great work wild love to read more

Nice. Real nice.

I've written a few Daybreaker pieces!
I hope you enjoy them ^^

A little bit more dominant femdom would make it a 11 out of 10

Reading the description, this looks like it should probably have the AU tag; you can't even set stuff like this post-show anymore because "retirement"

Dig around in my stuff, search for "femdom". I've written way harder femdom stuff ;>_>

This needs a short chapter after, like 6 months later Daybreaker is showing signs of Pregnancy, then her giving birth, then 5 years later and however many more foals she had and Sunburst's fate (broken hip or not)

Behind Every Great Sovereign

There's a nerd horse giving her one. At all times. In front of the flamingos.

An interesting crack shipping, but yet you make it work.

If you're talking about "Twilight will not outlive her friends" there are several ways of interpreting that. The most blatant hole in the interpretation you're using is, to put it simply, Rainbow Dash. To put it less simply, due to her attitude and lifestyle, I find it highly unlikely that failing to outlive Rainbow Dash says anything about your natural lifespan; the mare's going to die doing something unspeakably badass long before that comes up, so unless you're going to have her outfly death itself (I don't know about you, but that's what I'm doing, because I already conveniently have unique methods of immortality for each of the Mane 6), Twilight dies first. Probably some kind of Heroic Sacrifice deal, because after seeing the Tirek fight I doubt anything's going to kill her without her consent.

Spoiler spoiler spoiler for the finale:

They changed their minds. She becomes a big alicorn like Celestia, everypony else gets old. The End!

well I wanna make a Daybreaker story now

Due to the genetics alone, their kids are gonna be something special.

Yay a nerdy Stallion story.

This was sweet read

MORE!!! THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST I'VE READ! :pinkiehappy: More Daybreaker and Sunburst!

tauntingly stroking it, as her eyes her eyes stay locked upon him.

You get these stokes so often man, im worried for you

I don't know why I do that
Just occasionally double up words or short phrases >n>

Literary tic, I guess

This was some surprisingly cute smut. Good job

I do occasionally write surprisingly wholesome stuff ^^

O yeah, this is Big PP time.

Everything you write can have a sequel

I do tend to keep my endings open :trollestia:

We need a Nightmare Moon version of this. I wonder who her male partner would be?

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