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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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Well this was a nice read always like Sunburst's sun butt being plowed with whoever it might be with, so long as he ends up as the bottom. I though the story was interesting and the clop scene good, keep it up.

This was an awesome (and sexy) story :) I'm glad Sunburst's relationship worked out! And glad to see the kinky sex they get up to! :rainbowlaugh:

omg this story is 10x hotter than the previous one! good job:)

“ Unnnfff… I don’t know if I should yell at him for making me do this, or contemplate marrying him…”

why not both?

This story and the previous story for it are both very hot and cute. I think you did a really awesome job though I'd have prefered to see Sunburst taking his first cum shot deep in his cute slutty butt rather than his mouth 😜 but it was still very hot. I would love to read more of Emerald and Sunbursts' perverted kinky adventures in future installments. Keep up the great work. 💚

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