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I loved this story! It had a lot more of a plot line then most floppies have, (stronger characters too) yet the sex scenes were still hot. You should either do a sequel or more stories like this! :twilightsmile: (also, just to reinforce it, the sex was HOT:twilightblush:)

7851330 And here I thought for years that I could never pull something like this off.

d he's looking forward in loosing his virginity

*To losing his virginity

This was a good read, I like it. This reminds of the "Clocktower Society - All Consensual Kinks (nsfw)" in its theme. I hope to see more of this kind of story from you.

Finally, you came out with a clopfic! Couple of years now I've wondered what a clopfic by you would look like, and I wasn't disappointed. Now, it wasn't as polished as most- 'disbretion' and 'wonderblot' are particularly glaring flubs, though I know it's unedited. Still pretty damn hot regardless. 9/10!

7853355 I confess, that I didn't think it would do as well as this. In fact, for all this time, I was solely convinced that I couldn't pull it off (for personal reasons). Now of course I've read some clop myself, and I didn't think I could measure up to that level of quality myself. So when I made up my mind to attempt this, I expected to fail in this genre. Color me red-faced surprised I guess.

this deserves a sequal

...and sex-roulette involving anal penetration from six stallions.

...All at once?

Numerous grammar, spelling and word choice fixes need to be made, but it was pretty good. I want more Giddy Up Club!

what did i justt r read and why is mature on well now im done with sex ed llloooollll

what did i justt r read and why is mature on well now im done with sex ed llloooollll

Well this was pretty damn fantastic. Very well done.

Oh my i think this may have given me an erection

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