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inb4 Twilight gets a copy of the recording.

Sweet merciful Celestia, this needs so much more love and reading. Carry on; I'll be watching.

Dammit, I think I'm gay now

hope to see more

6879835 Hmm... good thinking...

6880761 Thanks!

6881320 Your welcome! At the same time, I am also very, very sorry :pinkiehappy:

6881483 Oh, there will be plenty more where that came from!

>inb4 the mindless Flash Sentry downvoting --

-- oh, wait. :derpytongue2:

I'm not one of them. Sharing is hot, and (except for a few uses of the phrase "slimy appendage" to describe a penis, which is ... ew?) none of the language here broke me out of the story. Props for the voyeur scenes.

6885210 I'm not sure what you mean about the "slimy appendage" thing. I don't believe I used it to describe a penis, only a tongue. Other than that, thanks for the compliment!

Oop, you're right; I think I just got confused with the first reference of it sharing a sentence with a reference to the "mighty obelisk of stallion meat".

Personally, "slimy" is not a word I find even slightly sexy, but that's the euphemism problem all over again. Similarly, if you're trying to describe a vagina, "pussy" will be a turnoff to some readers, and "cunt" will turn off others, and "love tunnel" will turn off a third set. You just can't please everyone.

Still not sure how to feel about how this makes me feel, but I still can't wait for the next chapter!

6921672 Nope, just me writing slow! In fact, today might just be your lucky day...

Awesome work James, glad to have given you the idea

'Oh, trust me... Shining will never know...'

For shit's sake, Cadence.

eh, the whole publicity thing at the end kinda ruined it, really coulda done without it, but whatever, I give it a 5/5 for greatness and sexiness:scootangel:

You should totally do a fic concerning the reactions of all sunsets human friends to this, it could be hilarious!

Luna didn't get in on this? Poor girl.

Naughty naughty Cadance.

Nice story. :twilightsmile: Bonus points for all the proper horse details.

That was amazingly done. Do let me know if you ever reopen that suggestion box!

When you're describing Flash it's a little awkward how he's not moving or saying anything. I thought for a moment he was asleep.

Shining’s cock lurched as his eyes locked in on the space between the guard’s spread thighs, getting his first up-close and personal look at another stallion’s junk. Flash’s half-erect stallionhood sat against his thigh, gravity pulling the meaty member down even as it slowly filled with blood with each second that went by. Just like his balls, the sheath and the base of the shaft were brown, but from just below the medial ring up it gradually changed to a more pinkish color that made Shining’s mouth water with lust. The entire thing was a good size, not as big as his own but still slightly above average. At least, Shining assumed it was above average, he didn’t have many references to go off of. Either way, the cock before him was, dare he say, beautiful, in its own kind of way.

If Flash is the first cock from another stallion he has a close look at how does Shining know what the average size for an erect cock is?

'I’ve never been rimmed before…'

I would think Cadance would feel "Oh shoot, I never knew he wanted that."
I would imagine Cadance being a highly industrious mare as she would need to be to rule an empire. So she would take this opportunity to also learn and study. Seeing sex from a different perspective and make mental or even physical notes on what she can do to improve herself. It would just be something instinctual from her.

I would think Shining would acknowledge his wife a little more. After all doing this while she is watching would be awkward at least in the beginning.

I would think Cadance would feel a certain amount of pride that her husband is bigger.

she drove the cock in her ass as deep as it could go, moaning as the tingling magic reached places never before touched by pony-kind

I would think Cadance would restrain herself from that. Wanting her first experience to be the real deal.

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