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favorite character is applejack and i have been a brony for a while now


A Christmas/ Hearthwarming eve one shot · 1:34am Dec 1st, 2014

Okay, I would like to write a Christmas themed story. What's stopping me? I want you guys to decide what the story will be about. Meaning, what characters will be in it? What's the location? Town or City? Will it be a Human in Equestria? Or Pony on Earth? Let me know, leave a comment on this blog and I'll let you know what I'll go with.

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One of the best writers I've seen on here

Np, and thank you for enjoying my Spike story. As for the timberwolves, always happy to spread some headcannons around.

Thank you for following me and for giving a lot about timberwolves. At least now I know they aren’t so mindless anymore.

Will you continue on Spike The Dog?

do you no longer write?

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