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It seemed sexy at the time. Kofi Commissions are open.


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Not even gonna read it. Thumbs up for the description alone, friend.

Wait, why is that bad news?

Wait how is that bad news?
It's not even gay to suck a mare's dick, just ask King Missile. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd so take that offer... in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, malexfuta in any fashion is a no go for me, yet I really enjoy futa otherwise. Still, not hating, I just thought for a moment I had found another story to enjoy. You do you, I'll keep looking.

It's not really bad news. Anon just wasn't familiar with the finer things in life.
He sure is now.

> Feminine penis

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

I was worried, there was a shortage of new FwM stories lately. I guess they're seasonal. :derpytongue2:

Forgot the second person tag.

oh wow

Real good shit man. Here's hoping for a sequel or something, eh?

not because your afraid of the gay


Seems like a win-win to me.

Also, I'm hoping for a sequel.

I don't know. What would a sequel even be about? Anon sucking Celestia's dick? Anon sucking various other mare's dicks. Anon's life spiraling into an out of control addiction to marecock?
I just don't see anything to add to this :raritywink:

That's fair enough, but I did see a nice Anon x FutaLestia story somewhere.

I dunno, I'd like it anyway

Just to be clear, I was joking. I'm totally going to write a sequel.

Oh. Feelsgoodman

no way you're touching tequila again

Tequila seems to be the start of all of my crazy drinking stories.

Well, that happened. Good job!:twilightsheepish:

This is what I think of this story. No I have not read it, nor WILL I.

No. You have to read it. It's mandatory.

This was hot. Thanks for writing.

And then I read it. And then I saw it.

I used to care for an autistic kid. He smashed his head into doors till they splintered, punched through windows, bit people so hard he'd go right to the bone. He'd have fits where he'd stop breathing, cutting off the blood supply to his brain and giving himself progressive brain damage. But his family loved him all the same and devoted literally their entire lives to caring for and trying to help him.

I really, REALLY fucking hate when people use "autistic" as some sort of lazy shorthand for...I don't even know what. It shows you've got no understanding of what that word REALLY means.

I'm sorry about that. That's not what I want people to get out of my porn.
I have deleted the word.

It could be great, but all the main characters in this story, they just suck. Huge.
(jk, props man. But still, they suck balls.)

Yeah, but who needs characterization when you have dicks and/or pussies?

True. But seriously, not a single fuck was given, just blowjobs. :D

You can feel your head tickling the back of her throat each time she bottoms out, but she doesn't show any signs of discomfort. Not even the slightest gag.

Well, she is probably used to pony dicks, so he would barely be a challenge.

Luna addresses her maid. "It seems Mr. Anonymous does not know how to properly administer a blowjob. Would you be so kind as to instruct him?"

Having a maid is always handy.

The maid dutifully obeys. She climbs on top of your cum-covered chest, and maneuvers your boner into her cunt, and she rides you to sleep.

I repeat my previous statement.

I have a question: why would Luna pleasure me if my family hasn't been royal for centuries and I'm a member of another species?

Because she's a good host.

Then she's also a "good" guest, because I have had a recurring dream about her lately involving a similar topic.

Some people have all the luck.

Well, it isn't as lucky for me. She wants to have more children than Johann Sebastian Bach had and I don't know whether or not I am up to the task. I do understand that she gets lonely and that royals did that until very recently, but I only have a finite amount of energy and money.

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