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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Anon bangs Windy Whistles
Like... a piñata?

8273210 Sounds like a dank Pink Guy verse.

Hey.. This was a good read, I guess.

Bout time we had a human x windy story. Windy best milf

You may wanna adjust the link to Shouting's comic. Aside from that, this was a hilariously raunchy read

Fuck that was a hot read! Loved it.

Thanks! Just updated it... was running over and into the = which was working it. Have fixed now!


Damn this is good. I'd love to see more of this Anon, the Milf smasher.:pinkiehappy: Maybe a couple prequels with him and the other moms and how he got started.

D'aww, you skipped the anal. Hot read, I approve of this becoming a series. Anon just ploughing through ponyville's Milfs. Especially a prequels of his time with Cloudy and Velvet.

Now do Fluttershy's mom. Also liking this.

can you please make the prequels that is because now I want to hear how he got the other two

Thanks for your support!

I think technically there are at least 5 MILFS for the main six alone. If you somehow count Pear Butter (time travel?) that would make 6.

We have:
-Windy Whistles
-Twilight Velvet
-Cloudy Quartz
-Cookie Crumbles
-Mrs. Shy (from the Zephyr Breeze ep, don't believe she was named)
-Pear Butter

Of course there are plenty of other MILFS

That being said, I may keep writing this MILF series if there is a lot of interest, it I'm primarily picking popular derpibooru images and writing fics for those, so if there's enough comments asking I'll do it, otherwise it will be mostly other topics!

MILF - Mother I'd Like (to) F*ck
MIHF - Mother I Have F*cked

All the colors make reading this a mess. Other than that, it's a fun read.

Thanks for the feedback! I've gotten that a couple of times on my stories now. To be honest, it was a bit of an experiment, and I've only heard one comment in favor thus far.

If I keep getting negative views on the colors because it makes the text too busy, I'll drop it for future stories.

Thanks again for your comment!

This story already looked like something funny, but why does the Nobody in that situation always has this ovedone personality like a real player?

Well nice clopfic, I maybe prefer a serious romance, but as long as I know what to expect I really enjoy stuff like this. I mean at least this is better than some other stuff I know and only my personal opinion.

Long story short, it is good but maybe not my favourite.

Thanks Texus, that's about right. My stories are meant to be quick and in response to interesting art.

Maybe if the piece is right I will go whole hog on a romance, but these are mostly about escapism clop.

Thanks for your like!


A sequel must happen

Primal instinct forces a QTE moment where he catches and pins for a session of domination

Yeah, the colours need to stop. It just comes across as lazy shorthand for which character is which rather than making it clear through descriptive text and clear characterisation.

Thanks for the feedback! As I've said before, they were just a bit of an experiment. At this point I'll probably discontinue at start of next story!

Well, all I can say is....


I was wondering when someone would do a fic like this for Windy Whistles.... way to go!

Yeah. That, or a prequel. One involving Twilight Velvet. Or Pinkie Pie. Or Twilight Velvet AND Pinkie Pie (not necessarily at the same time).

Welcome! I love humour mixed with sex, and this was a good mix. Hope to see more soon.

Oh Celestia that was hot and awesome! XD You should definitely make a sequel to this. Basically as to whether or not he survived Dash's wrath.

Hahaha, don't worry... He did.

The next sequel in this set would actually be a different milf... Potentially Twilight Velvet or Flutterbutt's mom.

"Jesus, Velvet told you what we did? Listen Mrs. Windy Whistles, you're a nice mare and all, and I'm a huge asshole... but even I wouldn't do this to Rainbow while I'm dating her... she'd probably tear me in ha-"

Windy nipped at his jeans aggressively and pulled down the zipper on his fly with her teeth quickly. As she wrapped her wings up and around his hips, hooking into the waist of his pants.

"Enough talking, mister. I've been just dripping since you walked in with that smell of yours. Honestly, I don't know how my little Dashie isn't leaving snail trails all over Ponyville with that musk coming off you."


"Bo has had trouble stiffening his wings for years now and I'm a mare with needs. Now shut up and let me get this intoxicating smell into my b-"

Damn. Cucked. Are all stallions cucks?? :rainbowlaugh:


Even Anon was a bit shocked to hear Windy, who, throughout the morning, had been a bit on the uptight side, suddenly expose that she had such a filthy mind.

"Holy shit, Windy you've got a mouth on you."

I second that, Anon. Holy shit indeed, she's been deprived of hard, hefty cock.

The door burst open as Rainbow Dash did one of her trademark 'no-knock' entrances.

"Anon, you in here...? Listen I'm sorry about this morning I just get overprotective of my m-"

Rainbow progressively slowed her speech as she took in the sight in front of her. First it was all the various chaotic mess, then the unmistakable odor of sex. In this case, the odor hung so thick it may as well have dripped off her.


Windy Whistles was snapped back to the present as she realized what she was doing.


Anon put his cigarette out, well aware that it was probably the last he'd ever smoke. A blue blur launched at him amidst a cacophony of screaming.


SHIT INDEED!! Anon, you should know better by now to pack smashing sheets. Imagine if someone smashed on your sheets? Now Dashie is pissed that you soiled her sheets on her bed...yeah yeah the whole MILF thing. Whatever. But dude her sheets! That's a sanitation issue that you really need to address.

Hot. Where'd you get the idea of having her clit being stuck outside and spasming uncontrollably as it tried to reenter its protective folds?

Dunno! I just tried to think about what a human could do to a pone that would be unique and the idea hit me! Not sure if it's even physically possible (though most of the in universe fan artwork would suggest that it is) but hey, we're talking pornography of cartoon horses here!


I've read a few stories that did something similar -- TheInnerLewd's fics come to mind -- only it had to do with magically holding the clit in place outside of the folds, instead of what you did. Kind of neat either way.

Great job!
Reverse the roles a bit, and you have our mom.

HA~! funny!:rainbowlaugh:
me likey!:trollestia:

"STOP." ====================================Pic occurs here https://derpibooru.org/images/1475524 =============================================

Ha!!! I knew it reading the Mrs Shy story!
It was just too familiar!!
Bye that stuff is voiced on YouTube

. Staring at the cloud ceiling with a rather revealing poster of a younger Windrider - ('huh, I'd always figured Rainbro was a carpet muncher'), Anon could hear some shouting going on outside the room.

Fleetfoot ! Enough said.

Anon put his cigarette out, well aware that it was probably the last he'd ever smoke. A blue blur launched at him amidst a cacophony of screaming.

My dad bucking rushed out of his room with how hard I laughed at the last part.

"I do believe you said, 'fuck like animals'? Now Mrs. Twilight Velvet said something more along the lines of 'insatiable minotaur love-god', but if you end up in between those two points I should be fine..."

there a story twilight velvet ?, and if so, where can I find it?:applejackunsure:

I asked the same thing every day of my life hoping to see them on the horizon

Yes! They're definitely on the agenda at some point! Anon will make his full rounds! :)

I was wondering because the storys don’t go in chronological order

Not bad. :ajsmug:


Thanks my friend! Glad you enjoyed it!

I love this. Is there a fic about the Velvet incident? Or it's only mentioned?

Only mentioned thus far, future fic

Can't wait for it

"Here's how I can expect that, ANON." She waved her other hoof threateningly in his face. "I can accelerate from 0 - Mach 2 in under 10 seconds flat, so imagine how hard I can drive my hoof through your pie hole if you try to... to... buck my Mom like you already bucked Twilight and Pinkie's moms. This is a mandatory friendship introduction visit ONLY."

Could you make two prequels with these stories

Of course! It's on my to-do, I'll get around to it at some point.

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