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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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ty ty

I tried ^^

What's a Creampie? It's a dessert, right? xD

>It's a dessert, right?

Yes, but only if you made it well! :raritywink:

What a positively perfect 100th story!

Consensual hoof holding

Boycott this vile filth!

M8, I HAD to make my 100th story the most debased, lewd, wanton act of heresy in my library.

Plz, no bulli :fluttershbad:

Nicely done, Leech. Lovely and sexy and feelsy and fluffy. Thank you for sharing, bruh.

Instant fav, before I even read it :pinkiecrazy:

Coverart sauce: derpibooru ID:1827108 (NSFW)

I do believe my heart just grew three sizes and exploded. That was adorable, romantic, sexy, and made me genuinely misty eyed at the end. Lovely work.

I still need to read the first one so I'll hold off on this, but who else agrees Autumn is absolutely fucking adorable?

Aw, that was nice. Well done, Some Leech. Another winner! Who knew that a depraved clopfic writer could create something so sweet?

you gave me the beetus with this story

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 8th, 2019

Absolutely adorable. Like, seriously adorable.

I just cried tears of joy reading the ending.

Thiw was F***ing perfect!!

That ending was so moving I'm not even going to comment on how Anon by the sequence of actions, just ran from Twilight Castle all the way to the hospitals without any pants

great work as always

Magnificent! There needs to be more of this kind of stuff.

Some Leech, youve done it again ye bastard. Knew it was a winner immediately. :twilightsmile:

Very cute :)


“You just don’t want anyone to run off with me,” giggled.

missing a word :trollestia:

Yes, the denizens of Ponyville were traumatized by a partially naked human, carrying a very pregnant kirin, running through town.

Swinging willy'ldly!! :rainbowlaugh:

Absolutely adorable and extra lewd. How much of a degenerate must you be to consider writing loving, consented hoof holding? With a mother to be no less?!? The shame, the horror, the lewdness!! :raritywink:

Wonderful 100th story, but now that Autumn is a MILF, well... She needs some hot MILF action.

I really need a job to get commissions done :derpytongue2:

Or at least that is what the mares are going to say while sporting a blush, jeje. That night Luna is going to see some very steamy dreams from the single mares resident of ponyville and will not know why.

It will be kind of funny if some mares will even ask Kirin and Anon if they can join their 'human herd' out of intrigue

Autonomous ,” Autumn whispered, whimsically waving through the air. Noticing the man’s deadpan expression, she scrunched her snout. “What? It’s a good mix of Autumn and Anonymous !”

Dammit I woke my family up laughing too hard.

Some lines are meant to never be crossed, some limits observed. But you, you purveyor of perversion, you just don't get that. You peddle this raunchy depravity, revel in the degeneracy that you spread, and your shameless and flagrant use of consensual hoof holding will see you condemned by the coming Crusade!

See, y'all laugh and joke about this, but you've only just started to see my true power!

Let me guess, "Some Leech" isn't even your final form?



Sometimes you just need some of the "good stuff."
Interpret that however you will.

Thank you for posting.

I do love seeing fics involving pregnancy that actually get through to the birth stage cause it always leads to really sweet fluffy scenes

is the next one daddy daughter bonding?

For this series, if it gets a continuation, probably not.

That being said...
Anon may be a perv, but he's gonna unconditionally love and treasure the hell out of his daughter!


that's even worse than the consensual hoof-holding!!
you monster!!

Truly, I am a wretch beyond redemption.
Save yourself, for I'm a lost cause...


you know what? I think I like it here, actually

I'm surprised Twilight wasn't there to see the baby first thing seeing as how this whole thing started with her doing a science.

Daww this is fucking adorable... Aw damn, oh shit, my feels, you made me bleed water from my eyes you salacious scoundrel!


For using the term

morphological differences

in a Clop Fic.

Im honestly really impressed. 😋

The Monk
"I-I'm sorry, did you just say 'blowjob'?" Jesse had to think seriously hard about this.” -An Intricate Disguise

Nopony even mentioned the lack of pants? Or the obvious aftermath? :derpytongue2:

Oh, I'm sure ponies did! IF I continue this delightful little adventure, I'll be sure to speak of the scene which was caused! :trollestia:

This is so wholesome.


First clip fic I read that developed into a beautiful story.

This was quite the series..would ya even call it that? Anyways it was real good and for a anonymous story there is quite a lot of character within him more so then usual and it really made it unique hell I forgot he was anonymous due to the fact of how much work was put into him! The sex scenes were good as well and I loved the ending. There is just something so amazing about the sentence “But that is a story for another time.” Anyways thanks for this awesome read good sir/mam!

I do try to give my "Anons" some character. X3

9783603 it’s a nice twist. Also damn phone with it’s autocorrect. Thanks for the read good sir.

This was heccin adorable fam. Absolutely amazing work.

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