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Her nose looks unnaturally curved in that photo.

I read this for the plot I swear!

Makes me wonder if she's part rhino

Well, if you look at pictures of her when she was younger, compared to when she's older, it's fair to assume she had rhinoplasty.

Kinks Include: Male on Female, Oral, Vaginal, Squirting, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Rough Sex, Creampies, Crotch Tits, and a very awkward situation. No Foalcon in this one!

Male on Female is a kink now? Who would've thunk it.

Curiously, he discovers that someone is in his boss's room, rummaging around in Spoild's jewelry cabinet!

Don't you mean Spoiled?


I mean, just trying to spell it out for folks. It'd be kinda awkward to have a Kinks section and a vanilla activities section! :trollestia:

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed it!

Kinks Include: Male on Female


I know, it's absolutely filthy!
What manner of wanton degenerate would enjoy horse buggery of this magnitude?!?

Are you gonna do a squeal to this?

He's gotta make it up to that filly.

I'm here to shake the hand of the brave man who's willing to take on this thankless task. :moustache:


Well, I certainly hope y'all stick around to see how this plays out! :raritywink:

It doesn't matter if it is clop, narrative, or random, if there's plot to be, I shall read! :ajsmug:

Top unf. Always love some hot milf.

I just noticed a few errors:

Pulling back, he just how hard she was breathing, her eyes filled with lust.

You mean "he saw just how hard she was breathing"?

“My, what a gentleman!” she signed, closing her eyes and enjoying his oral ministrations

“What were you doing upstairs? You weren’t in my room, where you?!”

You mean "where were you"?

It's not the first time momma has taken her play mates!

Well, just goes to show you; being a bitch and toying with others can always backfire!
Especially with a mom like, Spoiled Rich. Lady has a bitch attitude but, she puts out and doesn't tease, giving her the win! :moustache: For now!

You know what to do?! And I'm looking forward to it!:trollestia:

Huh interesting i shall wait for the next part

She's gonna ignore or antagonize him throughout the sleepover, isn't she?

Silver's probably gonna score next, going to console Anon after Diamond goes too far. Only to have things take off from there.

Dont worry Anon, I can say with %100 certainty that...your being blackmailed, like, no,matter how much you have war me up to being Sommer by a little girl, it all started because she threatened you with pony prison, I hope I don't have to tell you what happens to paedophiles in normal prison.

Any chance of a sequel to this story???

Well, it's part of a series I'm working on. While it is centered around Diamond Tiara and Anon, other characters may come into play. Hope you stick around to find out!!! :raritywink:


You do know where that hand has been.

Another nice installment to this little collection of stories. Now little DT is gonna have to deal with knowing her "slave" wasn't exclusive to her. Man, jealously is a weird ass emotion when you swear you shouldn't be feeling it. Life lessons all around.

Aye, figured this would be a fun little curve ball to throw in the mix! I should be getting started on the next story in this series shortly, so stay tuned!!!

Oh, I'm SO staying tuned

More of this would be fantastic, generally the more over-the-top fetish fics are more comedic than anything IMO.

“Yes!” Spoiled squealed, rocking back to meet his thrusts. “Fuck by pussy you glorious man beast!”

(die a little) my, not by

And that is how you earn a follow

The plot thickens it seems

...she would need to re-access her standing on the matter.

I think you meant "...reassess her standing...". I know it looks weird.

Aww, was DT getting some feelings for Anon? I'm fine with polyamory, open marriages & relationships; infidelity not so much. That aside I liked the story. Spoiled makes a good MILF and I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

Piss, good catch! :fluttershbad:

Hope theres a part 3 in the works looks like this is going somewhere

missing the human tag. GJ btw

Now this i can clop to!

Such a good story~! I've been looking for a good Spoiled Rich human on pony story and I finally found one!:twilightsmile: Nice as always Some Leech!:raritystarry:cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710628688722395220/711763971455189079/3i7puc.png

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