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Dusk Shine just run away man just run away you run and you don't look back

Don't worry, he'll turn the tables on them soon enough. Well, sort of.


Oh I can't wait for Dusk to Bang all four of them stupid and maybe in the end he can split Nightmare from Luna and Daybreak from Celestia so he can have the 4 sexy villains as his love slaves.

Damn!! Just...damn!!

Thanks to commissioner for this. We could always use more Dusk fics.

Definitely somewhat influenced by Buster Knutt's and Frocto's writing.


I'm honoured.

This is all part of the plan, boys.

Coverart sauce(s): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32803741/ https://www.deviantart.com/king-kakapo/art/Imminent-Pie-Fight-829338375 (SFWish, depending on where you work).

Both edited (of course) and with the artist signatures/links removed.

I hope they all end up pregnant with dusk's foal. That will calm them down...hopefully.

I can definitely see some of the influences in your style here, heh. It's looking great so far, good work!

I've seen this story tried before multiple times, but none of them finished. Will you be the exception?

Credit where credit is due. :twilightsmile:

That's the plan! In fact, the chapters are already mostly complete, and I'm just doing some editing here and there. I hope to publish them on a daily basis if possible.

Damn!! THis was great!! I can't wait ot see how many kids Umbra will have!!

Can't wait for the Daybreaker chapter

Based on current word count it's going to be the longest. Dusk is in for a ride, to say the least. :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be fun.

I think this might, just possibly, be smut.

Can't rule out the possibility of Middle English epic free verse poem.

I'll need to do further research.


Heh. Well, I'm happy to see more Dusk x Daybreaker stuff on this site. I've been meaning to do my own one of those, but my lazy ass has just never gotten around to it :twilightblush:

I quite enjoyed this

Well. I suppose that with Dusk reduced to largely his brains and his sexual prowess as assets left to ‘fight’ the villainesses with go, a similarly clever Chrysalis would be his first actual natural foil -- and indeed, unlike Umbra she essentially kept control of the situation easily enough and simply got what she wanted for now (modulo the rude interruption). If this was a darker story, I might be concerned...as it is, let’s see where things end up going. :pinkiehappy:

files.everypony.ru/smiles/15/42/1098aa.png - You have played your part well, my faithful student.files.everypony.ru/smiles/13/6b/1e9349.png - I have to admit, your acting looked very impressive.
files.everypony.ru/smiles/b1/24/27a600.png - And now, thanks to you, THE DAY WILL LAST FOREVER!!!
files.everypony.ru/smiles/4c/1e/baf477.png - AHAHAHAHAHAH * Laughing like a bitch that loves Bananas*
I'm waiting for the finale.
Good Luck, author/

Lovely first chapter!

The story is mostly complete, which is why I marked it complete, even though it now feels like a proper epilogue is kinda missing to clean things up. It definitely deserves one, but I'm quite busy at the moment, so I can't make any promises at all for the next few days.

Good chance the epilogue will turn out decently long-ish too, depending on my mood at the time of writing, but it will mostly be a fluffy look into the near-ish future, and Dusk's new life, which now might just involve some pregnant, and horny villains and princesses. The fun stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this! Hope to publish more stories someday. :twilightsmile:

I look forward to the epilogue

Luna: So you're telling me, that you orchestrated the largest Villain attack in history just shy of included Discord and Tirek, plunged Equestria into a short-lived but deadly chaos, all so that you could get, not only yourself but me and Umbra pregnant with Dusk Shine's foals?
Celestia: Indeed.
Luna: Why the fuck would you do that, when you could've just ordered him to do so?!
Celestia: It was more fun this way.

Ok im confused, who was in control? Did daybreaker win and I ended up jackin it to the beginnings of a grimdark sex world? Or did Dusk defeat Daybreaker and brought back Celestia like he did with NMM/Luna?

Read the last line again.

Why is this so funny?

Well, I can say that this is a Pure Victory.

P.s And yes I still laugh at the absurdity of the situation

Comment posted by Nick_The_Savage_174 deleted May 8th, 2022

Im just confused to whether or not Celestia was in control while having sex with Dusk. After reading the last paragraph it sounds to me that by impregnating Celestia/ Daybreaker, it broke the control Daybreaker had and allowed Celestia to return. However, an earlier part in this chapter kinda makes me wonder if Celestia was control the whole time or not.

Absurdly hot chapter you've got here. Chrysalis was just too well written.

So question are you adding more chapters to this story or just doing another story to be sequel to this

Inb4 it was roleplay

Foreplay: Enter Horatio

Humanity, one day, we will, inevitably reach the stars. And one day, we will, inevitably reach other, inteligent, sentient, yet utterly alien races. We will shake their many appendages, engage in trade, exchange ideas, and even... Attempt diplomacy.

I should probably buy ES2 one of these days

I plan to add a final Epilogue chapter at some point. I already have the outline mostly set in stone, and will get to writing that at some point. This might take a few weeks depending on how much stuff is going on in my life. Technically the story isn't quite finished yet in that regard, no.

Dusk stood over her, and caught his breath. He finally took a step back, leaving the 'queen of nightmares' right there on the table, happy and, in all likelihood, utterly pregnant.


With the three remaining villains 'eliminated', and Daybreaker seeming more pleased than intimidated, Dusk Shine wondered if he had merely been a pawn in her little game, and everything had played out exactly according to her expectations.
“That’s a good boy.”
Dusk nearly fainted.

Things are about to get hot. As in supernova-hot.
Better brace yourself.

Was Daybreaker merely playing with him, and putting on an act as her former self, knowing fully well how easy it'd be to abuse Dusk's weakness for his mentor?
It was either that, or he'd been right, and deep down Celestia had never betrayed hem. She was still there, and would set everything right. She'd merely played along with the villains' ploy to defeat them.

Good Celestia or Evil Daybreaker, that's the question...
Or maybe even both...

Dusk wasn't sure how to respond, but he didn't need to.
Daybreaker was more than happy to take care of everything.
She was warm, gentle, and motherly, in the worst possible ways.

Does that make her less or more dangerous than the others?

A trickle of milk dribbled from the nipple closest to Dusk's face.

Is she always like this, is she currently nursing a secret foal of hers or just a quick spell to spice up the situation?

"That's a good boy. Now. Again."
Dusk tensed up. Her nipple popped from his mouth. "A-again?"

Dusk: *intimidated* "...How many times will we do this?"
Daybreaker: *matter-of-fact* "Yes."

He stared up at Daybreaker with a frustrated, almost huffy stare.
"Good boy. Don't forget your place."

This would have made for an interesting ending. But it seems the story isn't over yet.

Great ending! Excellent femdom.

I understand that there will be no epilogue (in which Dusk will raise three [?] of his children).


Does that make her less or more dangerous than the others?


Is she always like this, is she currently nursing a secret foal of hers or just a quick spell to spice up the situation?

Always like this. It's part of her being a quasi-goddess of fertility and motherhood, if you will. She takes some pride in it, too. Celestia naturally hides this kind of thing, Daybreaker is much more open about it.

This would have made for an interesting ending. But it seems the story isn't over yet.

Yes indeed. The epilogue will be added soon(TM). (Read: In a few weeks or so, since real life is making writing difficult for all sorts of reasons right now.)

There will be an epilogue, real life just makes it really difficult to write right now. It probably won't jump far enough into the future to show Dusk raising his children though.

Was looking forward to this chapter. Mommy domme just kinda has that effect on me. And it fits Celestia/Daybreaker so well; kind and gentle, yet firm and in control.


Always like this. It's part of her being a quasi-goddess of fertility and motherhood, if you will.

Rumor says an upstart called Cadance once challenged her for this title.
Celestia Daybreaker wasn't having any of it and easily knocked her down a notch.
Now Cadance is limiting herself strictly to romantic love, and even that is mostly contained to the Chrystal Empire. And whenever she considers expanding a single glance from the Solar Queen is (usually) enough to remind her of her place.

Yes indeed. The epilogue will be added soon(TM).

I wasn't talking about the story but about this specific paragraph.
But I still look forward to see where this epilogue will go.

There will be an epilogue, real life just makes it really difficult to write right now.

Great, but don't stress yourself.
Quality takes time, and Real Live is always more important.

Great job. Can’t wait for the epilogue :trollestia:

Well I think we can all agree that daybreaker/Celestia just just sucked out:trollestia: his soul

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