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Who needs dignity when you have sex.

Can we get a button more powerful than a fav for this one?


There were rumors about dungeons and gulags hidden throughout the land to hold political dissidents and her enemies; even Twilight had disappeared some time ago without a trace.

we haven't really seen Twilight yet, have we?

Maybe she's been reassigned to being the princess of friendship-with-benefits.

Probably even runs one of these so called sex dungeons.

Not yet, no.
I wouldn't worry too much though, all of the mane six will get their own little story! :trollestia:

It’s times like these I wish I could like a story multiple times.

I'm only disappointed that Daybreaker didn't take Big Mac for a spin.

Hmm. Not bad. Though I thought that creamery would be for another sort of cream. Story was quite good, though


Of course not, she disappeared without a trace.

so much smut in the feature box

You gotta sin it to win it!!! :yay:

Alright, so I see the MIndbreak tag, but also notice a distinct lack of the 'noncon' tag.

Before I go too deep (heh), am I safe in assuming it's not super rapey?

Nay, I don't tend to write "rapey" stuff.
TLDR, they all just get SUPER THIRSTY



Noted. I just got a bit frightened by the 'MINDBREAK' tag, which only tends to be on things that are not quite vanilla or wanted.

Nah, you should be fine. Nothing is forced and everyone has a good time!

After reading: Reads pretty well, though you do have small errors dotted around here and there. Overall thumbs up.

I guess it's as consensual as you can get with a tyrannical ruler putting everyone under duress with the threat of essentially execution. They didn't really have much of a choice if they wanted Granny to live, but it wasn't the absolute worst arrangement that could have happened. either. Not directly forced, but there isn't really a way out either. Would be interesting to see some of this from Daybreaker's POV, and figure how maleficent her intentions were.

Alright, this was pretty hot! You did great with this one. I was wondering how the hell was Big Mac going to help in the whole milking thing before it mentioned he was going to be used for breeding. Not a bad deal, if you look past the whole cutting off supplies for a Resistance, at least she didn't sell them out!

Thanks! I prefer to keep things relatively lighthearted when it comes to clop and thought this was a decent "passive" way to corrupt the Apple Family!

I am slightly curious as to what the full image looks like

Well that went pretty much as I had expected it to :rainbowwild:

Dimwitdog makes damn good, totally wholesome stuff. Go check her out on Derpi!

Knew I recognize the art style, just didn't want to say it. Seen some of his on E621, he is a professional.

God i can't express how much i love this. They should have sent a poet.

Applejack couldn’t help but think about how the next day would unfold.

How in the hell did this get into the adventure folder?

Sequel please this is a good one I can't wait to see you next work

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