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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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This was great. I can imagine Daybreaker doing something like this.

But wouldn't it technically be a warm day in hell since it's Daybreaker?

It's a pun on Arctic Frost's cryokinetic abilities. >u>

Appreciate the input! I wrote this as a commission for a friend and, I'll freely admit, it's kind of a "quick and dirty" fic. As with a lot of my lewd stuff I tend to focus on the "action". Sooner or later I'll write a really well crafted and lengthy clop fic but, for the time being, I'll probably stick to the shorter stuff.

Mine was a pun on the fact that Daybreaker's on fire.

Lovely little one shot. Love seeing Daybreaker, especially in that light.

Still no tag for Cockbreaker

TFW Nightmare Moon gets a tag but best evil princess doesn't >n>
GG fimfiction

Maybe you should write a story, where Cockbreaker returns her evil sister by showing where her right place is?

How can this contain all that in 2k words :rainbowlaugh:

This is awesome. We need more Daybreaker and Nightmare stories like this.

Been thinking of one where Daybreaker makes an example out of Nightmare Moon for her defiance. >u>

Yay, possible Max Payne reference!

Indeed. You could even call it The American Dream.

Did you know that there are exactly 666 stories at this moment with the 'Porn' tag?

Comment posted by DragonKiller345 deleted Jan 23rd, 2018
Comment posted by DragonKiller345 deleted Jan 23rd, 2018

You know after reading the story a couple times but doesn't really have a dark theme

Depends on your definition of "dark". Being dragged into a sex dungeon and essentially tortured for days on end only to have your will broken by a vicious tyrant would be considered "dark" by a great many!

here is a reading of it

If you did this you're a saint

Another lucky stallion what gets into Daybreaker's trap and was be catch and tortured in an erotic way only to change his tough to let him join her side than a rebellion of Twilight Sparkle.

I enjoy joining her Sun Empire only to be with her and be her strong and big stud of sex and love.

Day in and day out this cycle repeated for nearly a week, he was roused from his slumber, fed a vial of the potion, by force if necessary, then bred by a number of mares into the evening. The potion, he found out, not only increased his libido and sensitivity but also sustained his body.

It might be a little more clear if you add that he starts to enjoy it.

“Surely your willpower is unbreakable,

"But, surely your willpower is unbreakable" It's obvious she's trying to woo him.

Nope. In context, the "But" is unnecessary.

A Cold Day in Hell?

Where in god's name is the soldier in the nude, lubricated in honey, charging a bear in the middle of Siberia?

I'm so freaking happy that you got that reference.

Побольше бы таких переводов👍

This needs a sequel so bad. I love it.

Wow! :twilightsmile: Russian translation on english website... Just, wow. I didn't think that was posible before I saw this. I like it!.. Even if I hadn't read it yet.

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