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It's Complicated


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No comments at all? Still? Well I like it...

I don't normally curse but...HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!
P.S. Hope Sunset becomes a little less bitchy as time goes on. Other than that, keep this up! :raritywink: Loving it!

:rainbowderp: Was I just banished to the sun or something? Cause it seems realy hot in here! :trollestia:
Awesome job once again! Love it! :pinkiehappy:

YES!!! I love it! Awesome job yet again, you fantastic fetish-feeder! Keep it cumming! Oh sorry; I meant 'coming'. ;)
Seriously though. Great job. :twilightsmile:

As much as Twilight wanted to jump and scream in pure joy, she’d also realized that meant she’d have to spend an eternity with Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight: Fuck this shit I'm out!

OK, this is great, but I have to ask: If this is 400 years in the future, how are Spitfire/Rarity there? I can tune that fact out while reading, but it gets me after the fact.

Alternate universe, fam.

Wtf I just read O.o


Twilight and Sunset both stared at the closed door for what felt like hours. Slowly, they turned towards one another, mouths still agape. Twilight’s brain was the first to wake up. They’d done it. Both of them. They were princesses. They would rule alongside their teachers as the most powerful and wise hypers in the kingdom. Forever.

They still didn't notice
Hope Sunset and Twilight end up loving eachother

More please!!!

Well, since you twisted my arm. *Posts final chapter*

Holy shit. That's a first. Asking for next chapter and getting right after you ask. That's awesome! Also really hot chapter.

Loved the story. Maybe do a sequel?

I want to know this I like this story it’s great to read but since rarity is alive what about pinkie, applejack, rainbow,shy and spike plus the cmc are they alive or dead

8510016 8510208

I've already thought of a sort-of-sequel to this story. And yes, they're all alive. Death isn't very sexy.

Okay just wanted to know since they might be immortal as well

Wooo-hooo. More sexy sister time and friends with benefits with more bimbo and slut like actions.

Please tag things like bimbofication and multicock.

deadpool seems to like her tho

"Sexual Equestrian Kingdom State" I just realized that if you sound out the acronym, SEKS, it sounds like sex. I'm not sure how I feel about this pun.

princess cadance???

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