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lyrack and bon dong clever

This gets a like for the chapter title alone

"Bon Dong", holy shit my sides.

(also great story)

God fucking damn. It's been a long time since I found a great fix that had all my top kinks in one fic. Hot damn this is definitely going in one of my favorite fic of all time

Azure, you're a god damned wizard. Ten out of fucking ten.

If their child ends up having Lyra's chest and gland condition, and Bon-bon's penis and volume production...

Yup this satisfied my kinks thanks for this masterpiece of a story~

When was the last M/F sex story you wrote cause you should make another one just like what I just read?

I need more too. You're on the spot on too many things. Just, too short. That's my only complaint. And it's not that I'm easy to impress... we prob just have similar tastes owo. The marriage thing even, I was like meh but you aboarded it in a nice way. Can you consider a few more chapters eventually?

How big did Bonbon get in the end? :twilightblush:

Clearly, the correct answer is "Not big enough,":rainbowwild:

This was an excellently well-written story! Keep up the good work!

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