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Uh... Mass murder?

Shouldn't White Heart get an OC tag?

Yeah, you're right, I just didn't realize how to do that at first. I tried typing in OC to the character list, but the only result I got was "Octavia."

When it comes to growth stories, I'm generally inclined to leave that sort of thing unstated, even if the characters are doing something that would logically result in death. That way, the reader can fill in the blanks according to their preference. If they like to imagine people getting crushed, they can. And if they want to imagine that everyone's magically okay, they can do that too.

I'm in the latter camp of imagining that any innocent bystanders are magically okay when growing giants are involved. Property damage is fine, but lethally crushing innocent people makes me feel bad.

Thanks for leaving it open to go either way according to the reader's preference. :)

I have so many questions and comments...

1. Life under the crevasse of Fluttershy's sacks must be pretty interesting.

2. Nice view of Equestria they got there.

3. What would've happened if they hit the sun and other stars?

4. Follow-up comment, way to cause an eternal ice age from your fat, plump, delicious, succulent, glistening...where was I going with this?

5. Who in their right mind would create such a destructive weapon that has the capability to end all life as they know it??

6. Most importantly, HOW ARE THEY NOT DEAD???!?!

Conservation of detail can sometimes be a fetish writer's friend. Unless you get the readers who are loud about not feeling like their specific sub-niche was properly catered to. :raritywink:

Is White Heart related to Nurse Redheart? Similar names, similar appearances. Why not?

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