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Have to say, people on Patreon not offering a $1 subscription tier is a bit of a pet peeve for me.

Edit to avoid further cluttering the comments:
By default, if I like someone's work and they're on Patreon, I throw them a dollar. If they don't want it, I keep it. I don't know anything about the effort or fees involved at their end, but I assume that it comes out to some positive value if so many people offer it.

I'll talk to him about that.
I know the two tiers he does have come with a number of perks

Would you mind elaborating a bit more?
I know a number of Patreons that go without a $1 Tier because it's not worth the effort with how few people inhabit the slot/the cut that Patreon takes.

Before I clicked the link, all I could picture was a tyrant. Thanks for not disappointing XD

I'm replying to my own comment to keep the string going.
Don't edit to "save space", it only makes things more confusing, not less.

Here's the rundown from Patreon's support:

Essentially, there's a 5% Platform fee, and then a varying payout fee based on a few factors like if you have the legacy rate.
But this is the important bit:
"Tier amount can increase or decrease your effective processing rate due to the fixed fee component. While the fixed fee varies due to patron payment method and shared patronage, it can be as high as 30 cents per transaction. We generally recommend keeping your lowest tier priced above $1.00 to avoid a high processing fee effective rate."

Even Patreon suggests not having a $1.00 Tier.

I'm confused... Shouldn't the opposite be true, instead?

On the fees bit or the saving space by editing comments bit?

Is Rainbow Dash going to become a housewife like another story of yours? :twilightsmile:

Who knows! I tend to leave things with a somewhat open ending - you know, in case I find the inspirational or financial motivation to write more.

You can manually adjust how much you give per month on patreon and give an amount below/between available tiers, you just don't get any rewards for it.

Huh; so I can. Thanks for pointing it out.

Oh nice just saw this on the front page and know its gonna be good, also I hope to see from Elzzombie soon

Will we ever get a continuation of that story with Celestia and chrysalis

It's on my to-do list

Twilight’s eyes widened with surprise, as she saw what her friend had been hiding. Resting upon the mare’s chest were two absolutely titanic bosoms; each breast was double - no, triple its original size. Staring openly at her companion’s rack, wondering how soft and heavy those oversized sweater puppies were, she licked her lips.

This my reaction everyday when I indulge in my fantastic fantasies of the wonder that is the female BOSSOMS they truly are a master among pieces (no offense to any female on here)

“Alright, strip…”

For science she says
Examination SHE SAYS

“Just fuck me already! Jeez, do I have to beg you for it?!” she pleaded, peering back at the Princess.

To think others such things were possible :rainbowderp: (by the way I'm being dramatic on purpose if it makes you feel any better about bothering with at least two words in this long ass comment by the way no comments)

I'm glad that you liked it! :yay:
I think and hope you liked it anyways

Yeah I like it it was interesting XD

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