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The Low Budget Anthro version of Some_Leech. Now with 30% more Human trash!


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darf #1 · April 14th · · ·

secret vaginal abilities


Six down, at least one to go...

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Yeah, really steamy stuff. And, I have to say, Pinkie's experience list DEFINITELY makes sense.

Plus, Pinkie showing up so early was a REALLY nice touch.

Overall, the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up are beautifully done.

Of course, one has to wonder just what kind of kinks Fluttershy has (the quiet ones typically have A LOT of them). We'll find out next time.

That was hot. Now we just have Fluttershy for the audition tapes. Let's see how she is on the couch.

Oh. Oh wow.

I am not surprised by Pinkie's backstory on her experiences on sex

ok. if starlight is not in this then i'll get miffed.

Only Fluttershy left of the original set.
I still hope to see Trixie, Starlight and Maybe Zecora

Whatever happened to that series tsp

I haven't thought up any hilarious porno scenes to think of with that

One more to go. And, that's Fluttershy.

Well it looks like its Fluttershy up next, though i wonder if you will be doing any more of these after, if so i do know of a picture of Tree Hugger at a casting couch done by another artist.

I am unsure honestly I don't know if I will continue it on my volition or if it's just a commission thing I'd let happen.

I say put the series on hold after Fluttershy. This started from Bokuman's artwork, it makes sense to continue it, when he decides to make new ones, plus it would feel weird to see a new story with a different artwork or without a coverart

so when's flutter shy's turn??

Pinkie you cutie sexy girl

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