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Welcome to my studio! I'm Understatement, and I've been passionate about writing and MLP for most of my life! Hope you enioy my stories and songs!

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Yes, sequel! Must see the second part of this...... :raritywink:FUCKFEST!!! Maybe even a third part where Rarity and Twilight discuss their experiences with Spike leading to a threesome between the three of them.

Eh, kinda conflicted with this story since it really seems to imply that Rarity gets around A LOT before this 'whatever' with Spike.

Bonus chapter please!

Yeah, the whole fucking the waiter thing while taking Spike out was really weird...

Right up there with, Why is Rarity afraid of changing in her own house a viable excuse? Spike doesn't even question it, and it's a pretty weird thing to be afraid of something jumping out at you for no apparent reason and weirder still for someone else to find that normal.

I'll take your criticism into consideration when I write further!

Also I apologize that the plot was rather contrived at times-- I'm new to writing, especially clopfics

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