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Here's hoping Spike will survive this.

This sure caught my attention
(In fact does this take place after or before the School of Friendship was built?)

Mentions of Starlight bedding with Sunburst so I'm aiming after the school was built. However, I'm unsure yet what kind of role or fate is in line for student six.

The Fire Ruby being broken is sure a bad omen that something had happened.

If everyone in Equestria disappeared then why doesn't Spike simply leave Equestria he could go to one of the other kingdoms for help like the dragon lands or GriffinStone maybe that yak country his best bet would probably be the Crystal empire though

Why would spike be in twilight's room doesn't he have his own room by this point

That and another item Spike will find in the treehouse. Those two will be major mementos throughout the story.

Give him some time, He's just barely noticing the town is empty. A lot of his early logic is "They couldn't possibly abandon me." "They'll be back soon, I know it." Roughly by end of season 2, all his hope of them returning home will be completely shattered.

I kind of had to ignore that and assume he was still living in her room. Did it for the sake of moving him out of the Crystal Castle faster and ending the first chapter on that graphic hook.

By this point in your story Spike would be 13 I think if it is before he got wings then he would be 12 also what was with the gore and the body parts I had honestly thought that this was going to be like a mystery story you know like everyone just disappeared without a Trace and everywhere would just seem so empty and Spike would be like where is everybody and there would be this huge mystery and he would have to try to look for evidence and things would seem half done like they all just went poof at the same time like everyone in the whole country


Spike would be 13 I think if it is before he got wings then he would be 12

There is no canon age for Spike in the show, with multiple writers arguing with their own logic setup in previous seasons. For the sake of this book's Season 2's breaking Spike's sanity, I'm treating him as an adult. He's going to be doing A LOT of stupid shit before accepting they aren't coming back.

Read the description. This story has a lot of ground to cover.

Two chapters are planned for this month, but the rest will only get one chapter each month. Currently have up to 2 seasons written offline. Each season is 5 chapters long, with two-month breaks in between.


you know like everyone just disappeared without a Trace and everywhere would just seem so empty and Spike would be like where is everybody

That is the baseline for Spike's side. Up until his hope finally shatters I will be playing into all the classic tropes of 'everyone's gone'. However, I also want to break the mold and the classic ending 'aliens did it/the ponies did it to themselves' And dropping in a giant monster moving beyond SPike's sight seemed like the perfect way to do that

huge mystery

There will be plenty of mystery. Heck, dropping a giant monster ripping apart corpses doesn't answer every detail like the missing object, why most of the town is somehow intact despite the apparent gruesome genocide? Why is the thing keeping the parts? What is it purpose? Why is it here? Where did it come from?

All these I'm planning to explore

Also, I didn't have time to state it, but he already has his wings in this story. He'll be using them quite a bit in season 3 when finally encounter the monster for the first time.

So how many seasons are going to be in this story?

Currently have 2-3 seasons written offline. The plan is 4-5 seasons as I don't want this to go on too long like some of my other stories.

Also, I know I replied to this already but

dragon lands or GriffinStone maybe that yak country his best bet would probably be the Crystal empire though

Well, once he accepts Ponyville is empty, that is more or less the plan. Canterlot, then Crystal Empire, and followed by maybe the dragon lands. I doubt I will explore Griffinstone unless to take a massive turn with one of his mementos mentioned earlier. If so, expect far more seasons.

As for the yaks, no. Spike has no connection to them so giving him a reason to go there would be extremely forced.

So, the Fire Ruby wasn't shattered as before? Didn't Nightmare Rarity crushed it right in fron to Spike when she captured him in his attempt to bring Rarity back in the comics?

I thought this was a continuity nod to it and Rarity still treasuring the remains for what it represent for both her and Spike.

I'm not too familiar with most of the comic continuity. So unless I'm actively involving a character from the comics, those are rarely a canon source I stick by. Even then, Rarity is a master of gems and gem magic, I could see her fix it after the fact.

The greater question in this story. Why out of all the perfectly pristine objects in the city is this shattered?


I thought this was a continuity nod to it and Rarity still treasuring the remains for what it represent for both her and Spike.

Actually, that sounds like a fun and cute one-shot. Spike learns Rarity restored the fire ruby in secret

Sweetie bell is a child that is something confirmed in the show

Why would the fire Ruby be there she would have sold it a long time ago

Yes, and no. The word colt and filly are used for both children and teenagers, both Sweetie Belle, whom could be argued is a child and Sandbar, who could be argued to be as old as a college student. Never once are any of the CMC stated as outright children. Even then, the logic doesn't ally to Spike, who as I said the actual writers of the show can't decide where his age stands. Some state he's the same age as the CMC, yet a birthday flashback shows that Sweetie Belle was even born during the Sonic Rainboom.

Finally, this is a FANFIC. Ergo canon is loose. I already stated multiple times, that this story is not follow the timeline of the show. Spike has to be treated as an adult for season 2 and such. Just assume all the characters are much older now than they are in the show.

No, I know that never happened at all. The writers would never write something so stupid. And don't say comics, because another already stated it's shattered in that canon, ergo even more illogical to sell it.

Maybe because the monster is repelled by Love? The Fire Ruby may have stored some of Spike and Rarity feelings and hold a great sentimental value to both of them.

Maybe because just like in the U.S.A. in equestria they rised their majority of age from 18 to 21 so they could still consider young adults as children until then? (Damn Cider drinking and Salt licking addicts! I guess Equestria got also an even more short-lived Prohibition of it and Salt.)


Okay, I'll add that idea to my list, through it might not come out as a clop. I'm thinking just a soft and cute fic.

Simply put, I'm treating Spike as an adult in this fic because there a lot of things that are going to happen in this one. I want to explore the full scope of depression, denial, and even disturbed insanity. I want to shred apart everything that makes Spike who he is until his strongest parts remain before he can confront the monster in season 3 and onward.

This isn't about staying within an absolute canon or headcanon of the show. This fic is a character piece to show what Spike would do when utterly abandoned and alone. I will not be digging into that dark shit with a child. Ergo for the sake of this fic, he is an adult.

PLEASE tell me Spike frees the Legion of Doom from their imprisonment gets help from them.

Looks like the Fire Ruby has a secret it seems

Hmm, Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy. Yeah, they still would be statues at this point in the story. I could make references to them once he gets to Canterlot. However, due to the older ages of Tirek and Chrysalis, they would be a massive magnet for the monster rather than help. In their current, new, stone form, all three are probably in the safety of the entire population.

Not saying I won't do it, just that it will not happen right now. The first two seasons are built around Spike's spiraling into depression, slowly accepting he is utterly alone in the world.

While I can't say exactly what this unique property is, or why it affects the monster in such a way. I will be giving more hints once Spike finds more objects like it that have similar effects on the monster.

You're free to guess what those objects are and why as much as you like. I've already given an extra hint at the end of this chapter

It seems like canterlot can’t be gone if the sun and moon cycle is still going unless the princesses have no control in this universe. Or the monster has the means to control the sun and moon to keep things looking like everything is normal

I'm glad someone finally noted that. Yeah, the Sun and Moon are moving, right? But I'm not telling you how just yet. Only hinting that reveal will be the hardest-hitting moment of the entire book.:pinkiecrazy:

Bro. You already got me interested in your monster. And I’m on the edge of my seat to see what comes next. Another fun chapter.

Well, the first season finale will be dropping in July, and after that a short break before dipping into season 2. Stay tuned, I have plenty of stuff planned for the creature. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series so far.

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