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It doesn't matter what a gift is. It's all in the presentation.


A "non-entry" for https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1038499/dialogue-only-contest

I am not competing. Do not judge me. Or do, but not the story at least. Anyways, if you want to enter and actually compete, the rules are there and there's 175$ across three prizes (100, 50, 25) to be won. Good luck!

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Awww. How romantic!

Ok, now that was a twist!

Isn't she just the best?

Maybe a little too twisty... Lol.

Thanks for the comments! But not the spammer. They've been reported. Please also report them if you can. I'm leaving the spammer comment up so the mods can see it.

IXOHOXI #5 · May 5th · · ·

*M. Night Shyamalan voice* What a tweest!

This was fucked up and I love it. :D :D :D

Morbidly hilarious 🤣

Love the :twistnerd: ending. I think Tempest Shadow would disagree, though.

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