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Chrysalis ascends to the throne in all her Majesty.

Blame NorrisThePony for the creation of this story, which is based on this comment that I decided to take as a challenge. Huge unmarked spoilers are in the comments!

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Blame NorrisThePony for the creation of this story

Pfft. That guy's a hack.

Seriously though, this is very neat. And assuming Chryssie doesn't kick it right after the ending, it explains why she is so jaded and cruel in the show. Now I imagine her escaping, fleeing the changeling empire, and the weight of the betrayal killing the last of her innocence, and eventually bleeding into a desire for revenge against Majesty for taking what was hers—even if she didn't actually want it.

Either way, neat take. I should blackmail you into writing stuff more often.


Thanks! I'm glad you like it. The question is: Do you realize what happened? I showed a friend and they got sorta confused and then started talking about Occam's razor.

7065272 Ah yes, Occam's Razor. Explained elegantly by GLaDOS: "the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one."

In the changeling queen's case, the simplest solution is replacing a broken changeling with a perfect one. In other words, Chrysalis's mother orchestrated Majesty's fate the moment it became obvious that Chrysalis wouldn't cut it as Queen. Majesty's "disease" is actually an infection that the changeling queen gave her that would slowly transform her into the perfect changeling to be the queen's heir.

Just my interpretation. :twilightsheepish:


I'm often compared to that robot, along with two others in that game (a Dutch one and a space one, I haven't played it before) and your answer gets a cookie.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" A happy voice cooed.

Chrysalis turned around to see the stranger, her new sister. "Hi," she said smiling, hoping to make a good first impression. "I was just keeping out of Mommy's way, especially now that I don't have to do princessy stuff anymore, which sounds like tons of fun!"

"That's right," her sister said with a smile. "I'm here to release you from your duties."

Chrysalis was wondering how this worked, she had never heard of this happening before. She decided to sit on the floor so she could devote her full attention to her big sis. "How?"

She watched as the pink unicorn's straight horn glowed with a bright green, unlike Chrysalis' pale spring aura. She saw the magic, which was especially sparkly compared to what she was used to, pull off the pretty mask and toss it to the ground, hitting the stone and releasing one sharp note.

The half-mare smiled even wider than before, and held something else so fast Chrysalis almost couldn't see it: a long knife bearing a wicked edge.

"Close your eyes."



Uh, please use spoilers. :twilightsheepish: :twilightoops:

Oooo that end was grim.

Well, damn. Either way, it explains a lot.

herp #9 · Mar 27th, 2016 · · 13 ·

Have a downvote.

Even if Young-Chryssi was too nice, and the ending seems to imply otherwise, I am going to think she survived because the alternative is too sad

7067378 it was good though.


Thanks! If you enjoy my writing please be sure to check out my other stories. :twilightsmile:


You are allowed to think what you like, anyway I hoped you enjoyed my story. :pinkiesmile:


Is there a reason you didn't like it? Please try to use spoilers in your answer.

She shivered slightly, it may...

should be a semi colon, but I would suggest rewriting the sentence as it's a long one.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" A happy voice cooed.

The 'A' should be lower case when it's after dialogue in a transitive sentence like this.

All these edits and more brought to you by Merlos! (Not really though)

And very nice stoof in that there changeling story. Good jorb. :o


Okay, thanks for pointing that out. :twilightsmile:

Wait wat. Wat. WAT, WAT???!! :pinkiegasp:

Did you solve the mystery (sorry no prize)?
You okay?

7249406 What? How am I a monster? :twilightoops:

7249410 Because you are ;w;

7249418 Whaaaaat?!:applejackconfused: I assure you that I am no monster.

Worst of all was it's effect on her face


I wonder if Chrysalis was forced to defend herself against Majesty and killed her. The queen was trying to harden her and this may have been the result. That would explain why the sweet little Chrysalis grew into what we saw later.

7548124 Majesty is Chrysalis, or at least the one we know. :duck:

7548385 Well, darn. There was hope for her, not that homicidal maniac.

7548425 #BugHorseLivesMatter

Tonight on "Guess Who Gon Die", we will be guessing who is going to die!

Aaaaaaaww I feel bad for the real Chryssie now.
Dammit Icy! Why you invoke my feels so? :raritydespair:

7930069 But Majesty is the real Chryssie.:trixieshiftright:

7930373 Okay then the Chryssie in this story :trixieshiftleft:

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